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AnecdoteOver the Mountains
      A lady had a little child that was dying. She thought it was resting sweetly in the arms of Jesus. She went into the room, and the child asked her, "What are those clouds and mountains that I see so dark?" "Why, Eddy," said his mother, "there are no clouds or mountains; you must be mistaken." "Why, yes, I see great mountains, and dark clouds, and I
AnecdoteOver the River
      A minister who had lost his child asked another minister to come and preach for him. He came and he told how he lived on one side of a river, and felt very little interest in the people on the other side, until his daughter was married and went over there to live, and then every morning he went to the window and looked over the river, and felt very
AnecdoteParting Words
      But I have another story to tell. It was Ralph Wallace who told me of this one. A certain gentleman was a member of the Presbyterian church. His little boy was sick. When he went home his wife was weeping, and she said, "Our boy is dying; he has had a change for the worse. I wish you would go in and see him." The father went into the room and pl
      My little boy had some trouble with his sister one Saturday, and he did not want to forgive her. And at night he was going to say his prayers, and I wanted to see how he would say his prayers, and he knelt down by his mother and said his prayers, and then I went up to him, and I said, "Willie, did you pray?" "I said my prayers." "Yes, but did you p
AnecdotePicking up the Bible
      The hardest thing, I will admit, ever a man had to do is to become a Christian, and yet it is the easiest. This seems to many to be a paradox, but I will repeat it; it is the most difficult thing to become a Christian, and yet it is the easiest. I have a little nephew in Chicago. When he was three or four years of age, he threw that Bible on the
AnecdotePrayer Answered
      Only a few years ago, in the city of Philadelphia, there was a mother who had two sons. They were just going as fast as they could to ruin. They were breaking her heart, and she went into a little prayer-meeting and got up and presented them for prayer. They had been on a drunken spree, or had just got started in that way, and she knew that thei
ExcerptPsalm 23 Comments
      Psalm 23 comments from D. L. Moody's Bibles: Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want" - a lean scraggy sheep with torn limbs & tattered fleece, would be small credit to the shepherd's care; but unless we will wander from Him, and will not remain restfully under His protection, there is no fear of such ever being our lot. No Lion
AnecdoteReaping the Whirlwind
      I remember in the north of England a prominent citizen told a sad case that happened there in the city of Newcastle-on-Tyne. It was about a young boy. He was very young. He was an only child. The father and mother thought everything of him and did all they could for him. But he fell into bad ways. He took up with evil characters, and finally got
      You will find my text tonight in the seventeenth chapter of Acts, part of the thirtieth verse: "And now commandeth all men everywhere to repent." I have heard a number of complaints about the preaching here in the Tabernacle, that repentance has not been touched upon. The fact is that I have never had very great success in preaching upon repentance
      Some years ago a gentleman came to me and asked me which I thought was the most precious promise of all those that Christ left. I took some time to look them over, but I gave it up. I found that I could not answer the question. It is like a man with a large family of children, he cannot tell which he likes best; he loves them all. But if not the be
SermonResults of True Repentance
      I want to call your attention to what true repentance leads to. I am not addressing the unconverted only, because I am one of those who believe that there is a good deal of repentance to be done by the Church before much good will be accomplished in the world. I firmly believe that the low standard of Christian living is keeping a good many in the
ArticleRevelation Comments
      Chapter 1:10 No day will help thee if thou art not in the spirit of the day. No outward thing however beautiful would give you of itself the sense of beauty. There might be spread before thee the most gorgeous scene on which the eye ever gazed, and there might be given thee the keenest eye that ever gazed on scene; but if thou hadst not the symp
      I remember when Dr. Arnold, who has gone to God, was delivering a sermon, he used this illustration. The sermon and text have all gone, but that illustration is fresh upon my mind to-night and brings home the truth. He said, "You have been sometimes out at dinner with a friend, and you have seen the faithful household dog standing watching every
AnecdoteSammy and his Mother
      At one time my sister had trouble with her little boy, and the father said, "Why, Sammy, you must go now and ask your mother's forgiveness." The little fellow said he wouldn't. The father says, "You must. If you don't go and ask your mother's forgiveness, I shall have to undress you and put you to bed." He as a bright, nervous little fellow, nev
AnecdoteSaved in Weakness
      Doctor Andrew Bonar told me how, in the highlands of Scotland, often sheep would wander off into the rocks and get into places that they couldn't get out of. The grass on these mountains is very sweet, and the sheep like it, and they will jump down ten or twelve feet, and then they can't jump back again, and the shepherd hears them bleating in d
Secret Power - Table of Contents
      "Without the soul, divinely quickened and inspired, the observances of the grandest ritualism are as worthless as the motions of a galvanized corpse." -Anon. I quote this sentence, as it leads me at once to the subject under consideration. What is this quickening and inspiration? What is this power needed? From whence its source? I reply: The Ho
SermonShall We Meet Our Loved Ones Again?
      This is one of the grandest chapters in the writings of Paul. It is especially grand to those who have lost friends. No sooner do loved ones pass away than the question arises, Shall we meet them again? Paul answers this question and gives a consolation we can find so clearly stated nowhere else. What a consolation to know, as we lay our fr
AnecdoteSon, Remember
      I have been twice in the jaws of death. Once I was drowning, and the third time I was about to sink I was rescued. In the twinkling of an eye everything I had said, done, or thought of, flashed across my mind. I do not understand how everything in a man's life can be crowded into his recollection in an instant of time, but nevertheless it all
      I want to tell you a lesson taught me in Chicago a few years ago. In the months of July and August, a great many deaths occurred among children, you all know. I remember I attended a great many funerals; sometimes I would go to two or three funerals a day. I got so used to it that it did not trouble me to see a mother take the last kiss and the las
ExcerptThe Ark
      Notes from D.L. Moody's London 1882 Bible: The Ark (Genesis 6,7,8) The Hebrew word for the Ark of Noah is (teebah), the Ark of the testimony in the holiest is called (Aron), both signifying a chest. The Ark of Noah was of Gopher Wood, the Ark of the covenant was of shiltom Wood - both typical of the humanity of Christ. The Ark of Noah w

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