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Moody Chasing his Shadow

By D.L. Moody

      When I was a little boy, I remember I tried to catch my shadow. I don't know if you were ever so foolish; but I remember running after it, and trying to get ahead of it.

      I could not see why the shadow always kept ahead of me. Once I happened to be racing with my face to the sun, and I looked over my head and saw my shadow coming back of me, and it kept behind me all the way.

      It is the same with the Son of Righteousness; peace and joy will go with you while you go with your face toward Him, and these people who are getting at the back of the sun are in darkness all the time.

      Turn to the light of God, and the reflection will flash in your heart. Don't say that God will not forgive you.

      It is only your will which keeps His forgiveness from you.

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