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Men of the Bible

By D.L. Moody

Table of Contents

   1: Abraham's Four Surrenders - A great many people are afraid of the will of God, and yet I believe that one of the sweetest lessons that we can learn in the school of Christ is the
   2: The Call of Moses - There is a great deal more room given in Scripture to the call of men to God's work than there is to their end. For instance, we don't know where Isai
   3: Naaman the Syrian - I wish to call your attention to one who was a great man in his own country, and very honorable; one whom the king delighted to honor. He stood high i
   4: The Prophet Nehemiah - I should like to call your attention to the prophet Nehemiah. We may gain some help from that distinguished man who accomplished a great work. He was
   5: Herod and John the Baptist - If some one had told me a few years ago that he thought Herod at one time came near the kingdom of God, I should have been inclined to doubt it. I wou
   6: The Man Born Blind and Joseph of Arimathea - There were two extraordinary men living in the city of Jerusalem when Christ was on earth. One of them has come down through history nameless--we do n
   7: The Penitent Thief - It should give us all a great deal of hope and comfort that Jesus saved such a man as the penitent thief just before He went back to heaven. Every one

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