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My God shall supply all your need

By D.L. Moody

      Precious Jesus! I have found Thee,
      All my utmost need required:
      In Thyself, dear Lord, Thou'st found me,
      All Thy loving heart desired.
      I would praise Thee,
      From my soul, by love inspired!

      All my sins were laid upon Thee,
      All my guilt was on Thee laid;
      For the blood of Thine atonement,
      All my utmost debt was paid.
      Dearest Saviour,
      I believe, for Thou hast said.

      Both Thine arms are clasped around me,
      And my head is on thy breast.
      For my weary soul has found Thee
      Such a perfect, perfect rest
      Dearest Saviour,
      Now I Know that I am blest.

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