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ArticleThoughts on Romans 6 - 8
      In Romans 6. I understand the apostle to be reasoning with the believer upon the claims which sin has on him. And the apostle tells us that sin has been disposed of. Sin was once the master or king; holding dominion, it issued its commands through all the members which were thus "instruments of unrighteousness unto sin." But sin has now, as such ma
ArticleThoughts on the Lord's Supper
      The Lord's Supper is to be eaten as a memorial, or remembrance of Christ. This is His own interpretation of it. The bread sets forth His body;--the Cup His blood,--accomplishing the remission of sins. To eat and drink of this feast is to express our participation in the virtues of His sacrifice (1 Cor. 10: 18). And it is thus eaten in remembrance
ArticleThree Things
       1. We may so walk as to have ourselves in the presence of or in company with the Lord. 2. We may act so as to bring our fellow-saints or fellow-sinners into His presence or into His company. 3. We may be living so as to be keeping ourselves before our fellows and companions. The first is the way of the worshipper. The second is the activi
ArticleWaiting for the Son from Heaven
       1 Thessalonians 1: 10. In the calculations of men, events unfold them. selves as the effects of causes which are known to be operating. But, while this has its truth, to faith it is God who, in His supremacy, holds a seal in His hand to stamp each day with its character or sign. This gives the soul a fresh interest in the passing moments. Some
ArticleWalk in the Spirit
       Gal. 5: 16. "Out of the eater came forth sweetness" has been the test of divine providence exemplified in all ages of the world. Sin, with all its misery, brought Jesus. In the church at Corinth the misery of the flesh disclosed many a secret. If the eater had not gone to Corinth, a stronger than he had not gone after him, nor out of the eater s
Witnesses for God In Dark and Evil Times - Table of Contents
      Being studies and meditations on the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. The Babylonish Captivity, considered as an era in the progress of Divine dispensations, was most important and significant. We may well treat it as a very principal station in our journey along that path of light and wisdom which is cast up in Scripture for God's wayfaring m
ArticleWoollen and Linen
       "Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together" Deut. 22: 11. The path of the church of God is a narrow path, such a one that the mere moral sense will continually mistake it. But this should be welcome to us, because it tells us that the Lord looks that His saints be exercised in His truth and ways, unlearning
      Zechariah was a companion with Haggai in that energy and gift of the Spirit which was animating the returned captive in the building of the temple. But, under that inspiration, Haggai applies himself more exclusively to that one object. All he says he addresses to the captives by way of encouragement in the work then immediately in their hand. Zech
      Very commonly in the prophets, glory touches judgment. These are their themes, with the iniquity that provokes the judgment, and the characters that attach to the glory that follows. But these things, judgment on iniquity and glory succeeding, have been, again and again, in the history, as they are, again and again, in the prophecy, of Scripture.

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