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      This book, like others in the Old Testament history, differs from Genesis, in that it has one or more leading topics, instead of giving the comprehensive circle which has been shown to be characteristic of that which so fittingly opens the revelations of God. It is the account of God's deliverance of His people, who are first seen under the dealing
ArticleExodus 12, 13
      At the opening of Exodus 12, we find the beginning of the year changed. It is not said why this was to be, but simply, "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year unto you." This was an intimation to the people of Israel, that they were to enter on some fresh connection with God, to take up some ne
ArticleExodus 33 - 40
      A strange, and wondrous secret shows itself as we pass at once from the opening chapters of Genesis to the closing chapters of Exodus. I mean from these facts--in the one, we see the Lord God preparing a dwelling-place for man; in the other, we see man preparing a dwelling-place for the Lord. At the opening of Genesis, the Lord God builds the heav
ArticleExodus 33--Leviticus 9
      After the people are convicted of sin, when they had made the Golden Calf, it is shown us, I believe, how they learnt Christ, and found their relief in Him, putting on the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness. They are seen in Exodus 33 looking after the Mediator as he enters the Tabernacle of the Divine Presence--their attitude th
ArticleExodus 35 - 39
      Look at Israel in Exodus 35 - 39, bringing their gifts to the Sanctuary, and making the materials for it. Did they know what was to come forth out of it all? No. All that Moses told them was, what they were to bring, and then what they were to make, and that the result would be a Sanctuary. But how each thing was to be disposed of, what place each
ArticleExodus 6
      In Exodus 6 the Lord publishes His Name. It is a Name suited to the then condition of Israel. They were groaning in Egypt. Task-masters and brick-kilns were oppressing them. The Lord lets them learn Him in characters of faithfulness, grace, and strength, exactly suited to such a condition. He tells them that He remembered them, heard their sorrows,
LetterExtract from a Letter
      "The Church is the temple of God. Among its services it has to teach angels, to edify itself through joints and bands in the Holy Ghost, to lead those outside to own God in the midst of His saints, to exercise discipline, to worship as a holy priesthood, and to show forth the Lord's death. It is moreover 'the pillar of the truth,' and as such must
ArticleExtract from a Letter - Souls
      Souls, dear -, are enabled to make so short a journey in these days. It used to be an age to pass from death unto life, but now 'tis a journey accomplished in haste. And really this is more according to the New Testament model. Zaccheus and the thief, the Samaritan and Peter and Matthew, took but little time to travel that road. But it is comfortin
ArticleExtracts from Correspondence
      1. The moral activities that are abroad are surely immense, and the pressure upon the social system of influences full of deceivableness, I suppose, is beyond all precedent. It is desirable to keep the soul increasingly alive to the fact that the path of the Church is a narrow and peculiar one. Even her virtues must have a peculiar material in them
      We speak so much of "faith" in connection with Christian truth, that it is well to inquire a little carefully, what Scripture tells us of it, that we may be somewhat better acquainted with that about which we speak so often and so familiarly. The early part of the Epistle to the Romans is the leading Scripture on this great subject--or at least, o
ArticleFlesh and Faith: Their Energies from the First
       Gen. 3, 4, 5 These are very important chapters. They show us the production of the two great energies which, to this day, animate the whole moral scene around us; and also show us these two energies doing their several businesses then, as they are doing still. They are remarkable chapters; wonderful in exhibiting so much various moral action so
ArticleFragment of Letter
      . . . . I was struck a few days since by a sight of the disciples and their Lord in the matter of feeding the multitude. It gave me to see the two great objects in close and full contrast--man and God, the heart that we carry, and the heart of Jesus. In Matthew 14 the motion begins with the disciples, but it is to dismiss the multitude rather than
ArticleFragment on Galatians
      Galatians.--The apostle would establish the saints in personal, immediate confidence in God, from which Judaism was withdrawing them. He does this by showing them his own commission, revelations, experience, and acts, all immediate and personal (Gal. 1, 2); and then by challenges and reasonings. (Gal. 3.) Thus he would form Christ in them, the spir
      There will be a scene of glories when the Kingdom comes. We commonly speak of "glory" as if it stood in that connection only. But this is wrong. Glory then will be displayed, it is true; glory will then be in the circumstances of the scene. But a much more wonderful form of glory is known already--and that is, in the Gospel. There God Himself is di
ArticleGod Entering His Temples
      A solemn, holy, subject, which the heart would reverence, while the pen traces it for a little through Scripture. Scripture abounds with evidences of the intimacy which God has sought with the works of His hands. He has always been making a habitation for Himself, in some form or another, among His creatures. At the beginning, as Creator, He form
ArticleGod Manifest in the Flesh
      Throughout John's Gospel we may perceive that a sense of the glory of His person is ever present to the mind of Christ. Whether we follow Him from scene to scene of His public ministry (John 1 - 12), through His parting words with His elect (John 13 - 17), in the path of His closing sorrows (John 18, 19), or in resurrection (John 20, 21), this is s
ArticleGod's Call out of the Earth
      In the midst of the increased and still growing corruption of the whole scene around us, and of the threatened dissolving of all things, it is much laid upon the mind to consider with simplicity and clearness the character of our calling. The call of God out of the earth, and God's assertion of title to the earth, are things that greatly differ, a
ArticleGod's Great Ordinance
      We may have observed in John's Gospel, the zealous and determined way in which the Lord Jesus sets aside all glories which men might bring to Him, that He may establish the grace of God, or the love of the Father in Him and by Him, to poor sinners. He shines there in the glory of grace, and will not shine in any other glory. Men may be for having H
      When we think of grace, we think of our interests in Christ; when we think of glory, we think of our interests with Christ. The first subject is really the deeper, the more personal and affectionate. It takes us to the heart of the Lord; the second takes us to His circumstances. And yet, it may be a symptom of weakness, if we too fondly and too ex
ArticleGrace and Glory
      Preface. The Volume before the reader consists of a collection of brief articles by a beloved Brother now with the Lord, which appeared in the "Prospect" and the "Bible Treasury." Refreshing and redolent of Christ, they are now reproduced in a form more convenient; and it is hoped that they may thus be a help and comfort to many more. Grace and

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