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ArticleThe Redemption of the Inheritance
      We have four Scriptures, in distant parts of the Word, which find connection with this subject, "The Redemption of the Inheritance." I mean Lev. 25: 25; Deut. 25: 5-10; Ruth 4: 1-10; Jer. 32: 6-15. The ordinance in Lev. 25 teaches us, that an Israelite might redeem or buy the inheritance of an impoverished kinsman, out of the hands of him, whoever
ArticleThe Redemption of the Purchased Possession
       Eph. 1: 14. The earth is the subject of redemption as well as man. It is already purchased, and by and bye, in due season, it shall be rescued or delivered. That is, it is the subject of the two-fold redemption known in scripture, redemption by price, and redemption by power. The blood of the cross has already reconciled or purchased it. As we
ArticleThe Saviour and the Sinner
      Nothing but the blood of Christ for a sinner, the whole Word of God proclaims, from first to last. All the expiation he can enjoy, all the reconciliation he can plead, all the answer he can have to the demands of the throne where judgment sits to maintain the rights of God, depends upon it. It is the blood of the Lamb of God that is presented of G
ArticleThe Schools of the Prophets
      It was on the failure of the law, that the value of the priesthood as ordained of God became known to Israel; but, in the days of Eli, the priesthood itself became corrupted,--the priest's sons, themselves priests, being the leaders in the most flagitious practices. They ground down the people by their exactions, and men "abhorred the offering of t
ArticleThe Secret of Life
      Let me say, with what force does the Spirit of God in scripture teach us the secret of life. With what an intense sense would He impress on our souls, that we have lost it, but that Christ has it for us. The flaming sword in the hand of the Cherubim, keeping every way the way of the tree of life, was the expression of this, as soon as ever sin was
ArticleThe Shunamite
       2 Kings 4 In the Old Testament times we find the Lord bringing out fresh resources on repeated failures, and faith ever ready to adopt them, nay, and at times to calculate upon them and to look for them. Failure of everything under man's hand, or as in his stewardship, is witnessed again and again, but God's resources are unexhausted, and faith
The Son of God - Table of Contents
       "The only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father" (John 1: 18) I am sure that I dread reasonings where affections should animate us, and the withdrawing from the place of living power into anything like a region of notions or theories. But the mysteries of God are all of the highest practical value, in either strengthening for service
ArticleThe Son of Man in Heaven
       Acts 1 - 9. The second of St. Luke's letters to his friend Theophilus, does not stiffly and formally take up the inspired narrative, where the first of them had left it; there is rather an easy and graceful intertwining or intervolving of the two: the second going back a little into the scenes and the seasons which closed the first, giving them
ArticleThe Sons of Korah
      There is something peculiarly sweet in the songs of the sons of Korah, and few more precious than Ps. 84. But who are these sons of Korah? Many of our readers will say, "Sons of Korah; why, did not the sons of Korah go down alive into the pit when the earth opened her mouth and swallowed those wicked men Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, and all their wiv
ArticleThe Temple of God and Its Worship
      In the two temples, that at Jerusalem in the old dispensation, and that of the Spirit in the new, we see a meaning in everything within them. Heb. 9: 8, 9 gives us notice of this touching the sanctuary, and shows the character of the service there; the veil being constantly down to forbid the access of the worshipper into the presence of God, or ho
ArticleThe Threshing Floor of Ornan the Jebusite
       1 Chronicles 21. It is an affecting and solemn truth presented to us by scripture, to which we desire that our thoughts may ever be fully subject, that our God has, through our transgression, been separated from His due place, as over the work of His own hands; that this world, which is all His handy work, has acknowledged another god and prince
ArticleThe Translation of Elijah
       2 Kings 1, 2. We might read these two chapters in connection with this event, though it is only in the second of them we have it recorded. Ahaziah, of the house of Omri, and the successor of his father Ahab on the throne of Israel, appears before us here, as in deep apostacy from the God of Israel. He was sick--and in his sickness he seeks to a
ArticleThe Trial of Jealousy
       Numbers 5. "His blood be upon us and upon our children," said the Jews of their betrayed and crucified King. And so it is with them unto this day. Their land, which should have been the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts, has become an Aceldama--a field of blood; and as they themselves loved cursing, so has it come upon them. The Lord in His doctrin
ArticleThe Two Debtors
       Luke 7: 36-50. Present full assurance of soul is the spring of the purest affection and of the freest service. Indeed it is necessary to each of them. The present forgiveness of sins is to be asserted with all confidence. I ask, What has been the business of the blessed God in this world of ours, if not for the very end of putting us into such
ArticleThe Two Rich Men
       Luke 18, 19. How beautifully the incidents recorded in the Evangelists exhibit the workings of nature and of grace. They are short and familiar, but full of matter for the meditation of our hearts that we may be either warned or comforted. Uneasiness of conscience was goading the rich young ruler of Luke 18 to seek relief wherever it might be f
ArticleThe Two Tribes and a Half
      The history of the two tribes and a half has its own instruction for us, and illustrates a peculiar character of mind and walk among the saints of God. They do not stand exactly with Lot of the days of Abraham, though in some respects they remind us of him. It is wonderful what a variety of mind, character, and of Christian experience, the soul fi
ArticleThe Watcher and the Holy One
       Daniel 4. The present is a moment of great significance in the world's history. We often speak of other days as having been strongly characterised, and as of high importance in the progress of the way of man, and in the unfolding of the purposes of God. Were we but in the due position, so as to look at them aright, the present would be seen by u
ArticleThoughts on 2 Corinthians
      In the midst of the fears and warnings of the Spirit concerning the churches, we may observe that He is alarmed for them on several and different grounds, as expressed in different epistles and by different apostles. 1. He specially warns them respecting Judaizing, i.e., religiousness, or the observance of rites and ordinances. This fear is expr
ArticleThoughts on John
       John 13: 23; John 19: 26; John 20: 2; John 21: 7-20. "The disciple whom Jesus loved." I have been just feeling that I can fully enjoy the truth which these words convey. And I would cherish such an experience, and ask the Lord to fix and enlarge it. It is far from intimating that one is more interested than another in the grace or salvation of
ArticleThoughts on Matthew 24, 25
      I shall take you a little back with me in this Gospel, in order that we may get more of its beautiful spirit to Matthew 22. That chapter, at verse 15, presents to us the last great controversy between Christ and the Jews. The characteristic of the Gospel of Matthew is the controversy between the mind of Christ and Jewish unbelief; and in this we se

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