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ArticleBelshazzar's Feast in its Application to the Great Exhibition
      While Jeremiah was left at Jerusalem to witness the course of moral corruption there, and to warn of coming judgment, and while Ezekiel was among the remnant in the place of discipline or of righteousness on the river Chebar, Daniel is set among the Gentiles, even at Babylon, to learn the history and the ways of the Gentiles, or the world. We may
       John 5 The Lord is seen occasionally at Jerusalem, in John; but not so in the other Gospels. But unlike what He is in Galilee, where thousands followed Him, in Jerusalem He is a solitary man--as we may observe in John 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10. At His last entrance into the city, I mean by the road from Jericho, through Bethany and the Mount of Oliv
ArticleBoldness in the Day of Judgment
       1 John 4: 7. John says, teaching us under the Holy Ghost, "Herein is love with us made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because as He is so are we in this world." A most wondrous and very blessed Scripture (1 John 4: 17). John himself afterwards experienced the boldness, of which this Scripture speaks, in a very remark
Brief Notes on the Epistle to the Ephesians - Table of Contents
      We must introduce our meditations on this epistle by recurring a little to the ways of God from the beginning; because there is a wonderful unity in His counsels, and the whole volume sets its seal to the divine thought, "Known unto God are all his works from the beginning." Therefore, when we come to a scripture like this, it is well to pause and
ArticleBy Faith of the Son of God
       Gal. 2: 20. There is a character of truth in the Epistle to the Galatians, very seasonable at this present time, and very strengthening to the soul at all times. It teaches us to know that the religion of faith is the religion of immediate personal confidence in Christ. A truth which is, again I say, seasonable in a day like the present; when t
ArticleChrist a Reprover
       Proverbs 25: 12. It is blessed as well as happy to mark the characteristics of the Lord's ministry, for His ministry is the witness of what He Himself is, and He is the witness of what God is, and we thus reach God through the paths of the Lord's walk or ministry here. Every step of that way becomes important to us. All that He did and said was
ArticleChrist Our Prophet
      In John 3 the Lord speaks of earthly and heavenly things. (Ver. 12.) He puts the doctrine of the new birth among the earthly things, but quite owns that without it there is no entrance for any soul into God's kingdom at all, whether in its earthly or heavenly places. But still that doctrine was earthly, inasmuch as it was common, in this way, to al
ArticleChrist Pleased Not Himself
      It has just struck me, that we may continually observe all absence in the Lord to merely please His disciples. He never did this. Nay, I am sure that He passed by many little opportunities of gratifying them, as we speak, or of introducing Himself to their favour. He did not seek to please, and yet He bound them deeply and intimately to Himself. T
      We may contrast the communion to which John in the first chapter of his first Epistle, introduces the soul, with that which Paul gives it at the close of Rom. 8, and also with that which the same Apostle gives it at the close of Rom. 11. In Romans 1 - 8, the Apostle is instructing us in the secret of peace, which the blood of Christ has provided f
ArticleConfusion and Order
      The Lord found a state of sad and humbling and various confusion in the land that He walked through day by day. But it only gave occasion to His path to shine the brighter--for it was light and only light undimmed by the darkness, and unbroken by the confusion, that was all around. The state of politics and of religion in that day exhibited this c
       John 1 - 9. In John's Gospel, we see the Lord coming forth to sinners. He is not so much the Healer of Israel, doing wonders of goodness in the bodies of men, cleansing the lepers, or restoring to health all manner of sickness and disease among the people; but it is rather the soul He seeks, and, therefore, it is the conscience He deals with. If
ArticleConvicted Yet Confiding
      I read this little sentence as though it might be the common motto of all the saints. It tersely describes us, and is God-glorifying, and sinner-humbling. It is also the experience of faith. Let us engrave it on our spirits, and read it out as our confession. "Convicted yet confiding." The great houses of the earth have their several devices and mo
ArticleDay of Visitation--Bethsaida
      Scripture contemplates a day or time of visitation. (Jer. 8: 12; Luke 19: 44; 1 Peter 2: 12) Such a day may come on an individual, (1 Peter 2); or on a city, (Luke 19); or on a nation. (Jer. 8) It is either in mercy, (Luke 19; 1 Peter 2); or in judgment. (Jer. 8) And again; it may either be used, so as to glorify God by it, (1 Peter 2); or it ma
ArticleDifferent Conversions
      It is sweet to inspect the way in which the light of God approaches and enters the soul. Sometimes it is gentle, sometimes it is full of force and rapidity; sometimes it intimates a work more fully on the heart; and sometimes a work more on the conscience or understanding. But it is always God's work, that we know, though the material operated upon
ArticleDivine Intimacy
      The intimacy between the Lord and His elect is beyond, we may say, what is known elsewhere. Angels do His pleasure, wait in His presence, have kept their first estate, and excel in that strength that serves Him. But they are not where elect sinners are. They learn, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God--to us, all that the Son has received
ArticleDivine Intimacy - 1887
      The intimacy which the Lord has sought with His creature man is in a very blessed way evidenced throughout Scripture. It may have had different expressions or forms, but still it was intimacy. In patriarchal days it was personal. The Lord God walked in the midst of the human family, appearing personally to His elect--not so much employing prophets
ArticleDivine Manifestations
      The Lord addressed His people of old in visions. The eye then, of course, realized the revelation; for it was a sensible form of one sort or another which conveyed the revelation. Now, it is faith that is addressed. But faith realizes its object as surely as sight or hearing, of old, did. Faith "is the evidence of things not seen." And like fruit
      It is not so much of Enoch himself that I now purpose, in the Lord's grace, I would hope, to write a little, but rather of the times and the saints before the flood. Whether it be of them or of him, the materials, as we know, are very scanty; but in the way and wisdom of the Spirit of God, they are full of meaning and of value. A peculiar attracti
ArticleEras of Resurrection
       1 Corinthians 15: 22-28. As to the whole of this chapter, I may say there is an order in the parts of it, which it is edifying to discover and meditate. It might be entitled, "The story of grace and of glory in the light of the resurrection." The order of which I speak is this. 1-4. The fact of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus is stated. 5-1
ArticleEvery Family in Heaven and on Earth
       Eph. 3: 15 The blessing of man, and with him of all creation, is to be determined simply by his position before God. Therefore to be without God is to be without hopein the world; and thus every renewed soul proves, in the daily, hourly history of his own little kingdom within, that his blessing is in the favour of the Lord, and that clouds and

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