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Witnesses for God In Dark and Evil Times

By J.G. Bellet

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Judah's Captivity in Babylon - Being studies and meditations on the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. The Babylonish Captivity, considered as an era in the progress of Divine di
   Chapter 2 - The Captives Returned to Jerusalem, Ezra 1-4 - When we enter the Book of Ezra, we begin the story of the returned captives; we see them in their circumstances, and in their behaviour; and from both
   Chapter 3 - Ezra 5-6 - This is so, indeed, as we have seen. We soon find, however, that we have more to say, but if we be instructed and encouraged by the returned captives
   Chapter 4 - Ezra 7-10 - As we enter these chapters, we have passed an interval of about sixty years, and are in company with a new generation of captives, and are about to wi
   Chapter 5 - The Builders of the Wall, Nehemiah 1-6 - It is after an interval of twelve years from the time of Ezra's action, that Nehemiah appears. He was a captive still in Babylon (or Persia, the same
   Chapter 6 - Nehemiah 7-10 - Here we read, "Now the city was large and great, but the people were few therein, and the houses were not builded" (ver. 4). Having therefore built th
   Chapter 7 - Nehemiah 11-13 - These chapters witness the people still earnest and obedient. The day of revival continues. The freshness of its morning has, in no measure, faded, th
   Chapter 8 - Esther 1-2 - The book opens by presenting to us a sight of the Gentile now in power. It is, however, the Persian and not the Chaldean; "the breast of silver," not
   Chapter 9 - Esther 3 - The Jew, strange to say it, as we have seen, becomes important to the power, that is, to the Persian. But more so than I have as yet noticed--importan
   Chapter 10 - Esther 4 - 5 - The various exercises of the soul in these chapters, as we see in Esther and Mordecai, are a matter of great interest. The hand and the Spirit of God
   Chapter 11 - Esther 6 - 7 - Every secret thing must reach its day of manifestation. The word which Mordecai told the king about Teresh and Bigthana, the chamberlains, though hith
   Chapter 12 - Esther 8-10 - We close this Book with the deliverance of the Jews in the very moment when destruction was awaiting them, and with their exaltation in the kingdom, a
   Chapter 13 - Conclusion - Having read the books of Ezra and Nehemiah by themselves, as the story of the returned captives, and the book of Esther by itself as the story of the

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