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Godly Meditations

By John Bradford

Table of Contents

   To the Reader - Godly Meditations upon the Lord's Prayer, the Belief, and the Commandments, with other Comfortable Meditations, Prayers, and Exercises by the constan
   Chapter 1 - Instructions to be Observed Concerning Prayer - There are nine things that pertain to the knowledge of true prayer: 1, To know what prayer is. 2, How many sorts of prayer there are. 3, The necessit
   Chapter 2 - Our Father - Thou, good Lord, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is therein, (Gen. i.) together with thy dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and with t
   Chapter 3 - Which art in Heaven - As by these words, our Father, I am taught to glory and rejoice for the blessed communion which I am called to with thee, dear Father, with thy Christ
   Chapter 4 - Hallowed be Thy Name - Thy name is that whereby thou art known, for names serve to distinguish and make known one thing frown another. Now, though thou art known by thy crea
   Chapter 5 - Let Thy Kingdom Come - Thy kingdom is to be considered in two points,o universally and particularly; universally, according to the power of God, wherewith he governs all thi
   Chapter 6 - Thy Will be Done - As thy power is infinite, so is thy wisdom accordingly; whereby, as we may perceive, that nothing is or can be done against thy power, or otherwise th
   Chapter 7 - Give us this Day our daily Bread - By bread, as the food of the body, all things necessary for this corporeal life are understood, as meat, drink, health, success in our callings, &c. B
   Chapter 8 - Forgive us our Debts - Forgive us our Debts, as we Forgive them that are Debtors unto us. By our debts are understood, not only things we have done, but the omission and
   Chapter 9 - Lead us not into Temptation - Lead us not into Temptation, but Deliver us from Evil. Because of our continual and great infirmities, because of the great diligence and subtlety
   Chapter 10 - For Thine is the Kingdom - For Thine is the Kingdom, Thine is the Power, Thine is the Glory for ever. As, in the beginning of this prayer, by the words our Father which art i
   Chapter 11 - I Believe in God the Father - Upon the Twelve Articles of the Christian Faith I Believe in God the Father, &c. O Lord God, the Father of our Saviour Jesus Christ, thy people in
   Chapter 12 - I believe in Jesus Christ - I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, &c. Thy servants, O Christ Jesus, and thy people, know by faith, that as thou art almighty and God with th
   Chapter 13 - I believe in the Holy Ghost - O Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity, who did descend upon Christ our Saviour in his baptism in the likeness of a dove; thy children know th
   Chapter 14 - Upon the Commandments: I am God - I am the Lord thy God, Which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, &c. O good Lord and dear Father, who brought thy people of Israel out of Egypt
   Chapter 15 - Graven Images - Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven Image, &c. As the first commandment teaches me, that thou art my God, and what God thou art, and therefor
   Chapter 16 - God's Name in Vain - Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. By this commandment I perceive, O Lord, that as, in the first, thou would that in the out
   Chapter 17 - Keep the Sabbath Holy - Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath-day, &c. After thou hast told me, how in the external service of thee, gracious Lord, thou wilt have my to
   Chapter 18 - Honour thy Father and Mother - Honour thy father and mother, that thou mayest live long, &c. After thou hast told me, good Lord, thy will concerning thy service which thou requir
   Chapter 19 - Thou Shalt do no Murder - As in the commandment next before, thou, O Lord, sets before me the persons of all such as thou for the advantage, order, and peace of man in this lif
   Chapter 20 - Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery - Here, good Lord, thou commands unto me pureness and chastity and therefore thou says I should not commit adultery; in the which word thy Son our Savio
   Chapter 21 - Thou Shalt not Steal - Now that thou hast taught me the service required of thee for me to observe towards the persons of all men and women, of every condition, thou begins
   Chapter 22 - No False Witness - Thou shalt not bear False Witness against thy Neighbour. Now dost thou, most gracious Lord, instruct me in this commandment, how I should use my to
   Chapter 23 - A Meditation concerning Prayer - A Meditation concerning Prayer, with a brief paraphrase upon the Petitions of the Lord's Prayer The mind of man has such large room to receive good
   Chapter 24 - Another Meditation - Another Paraphrase or Meditation upon the Lord's Prayer O almighty and eternal God, of whom all fatherhood in heaven and in earth is named, whose s
   Chapter 25 - A Meditation on Judgement - A Meditation on the coming of Christ to Judgement, and of the Rewards both of the Faithful and Unfaithful O Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the ever-
   Chapter 26 - A Meditation on Life - A Meditation concerning the Sober usage both of the Body and Pleasures in this Life We could not but use this our body, which God has made to be th
   Chapter 27 - Another Meditation to the Same Effect - The beginning of all evil in our sinning springs out of the depravity and corruptness of our judgment, because our will always follows that which the
   Chapter 28 - Exercise of our Mortification - A Meditation for the Exercise of our Mortification He that will be ready in weighty matters to deny his own will, and be obedient to the will of Go
   Chapter 29 - The Providence of God - A Godly Meditation and Instruction on the Providence of God towards Mankind This ought to be most certain unto us,othat nothing is done without thy
   Chapter 30 - A Meditation of the Presence of God - There is nothing that makes more to true godliness of life, than the persuasion of thy presence, dear Father and that nothing is hid from thee, but th
   Chapter 31 - A Meditation of God's Power - A Meditation of God's Power, Beauty, Goodness, &c. Because thou, Lord, would have us to love thee, not only dost thou will, entice, allure, and pro
   Chapter 32 - A Meditation on Death - A Meditation on Death, and the Advantages it brings What else do we daily in this present life, than heap sin to sin, and hoard up trespass upon tr
   Chapter 33 - A Meditation on Christ's Passion - A Godly Meditation upon the Passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ O Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the ever living and almighty God, by whom all thing

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