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George Kulp

      George Brubaker Kulp was born in Philadelphia on July 23, 1845. At the age of 16, although underage, he enlisted in the Union Army, (Co. E, 91st PA) on July 22, 1862. In April of 1863 he was captured and spent the next several months in a Confederate prison. Upon his release it was discovered that he was underage, so he was discharged.

      Within ten years Kulp was married and preaching in Pennsylvania. Founding and pastoring several churches in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nebraska, as well as writing many articles and books, Kulp was known as a fiery, no-nonsense evangelist preacher. He died, having served the Lord for many years, at the age of 93.

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A Voice from Eternity - Table of Contents
       A VOICE FROM ETERNITY Soul Searching Sermons By George B. Kulp Author of Nuggets of Gold Etc. God's Revivalist Office "Mount of Blessings" Cincinnati, Ohio Printed Book Copyright 1909 by God's Revivalist Office INTRODUCTION The soul-searching sermons of this volume have not been chosen for their literary and rhetorical e
Battlefields of the Church - Table of Contents
       BATTLEFIELDS OF THE CHURCH Lectures to Students at God's Bible School By George Brubaker Kulp Author of Callused Knees A Voice from Eternity Nuggets of Gold Etc. God's Revivalist Press Cincinnati, Ohio Chapter 1: The Word of God One day a mixed company of men, of different creeds and opinions, were met together -Protest
Christian Stewardship - Table of Contents
       CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP By George Brubaker Kulp A Series of Lectures Delivered by Bro. Geo. B. Kulp to the Students of God's Bible School, Cincinnati, Ohio, Useful for the Individual, or for the Home and Community. "How much owest Thou to thy Lord?" Lecture 1 Pauls, and Augustines, and Luthers, and Wesleys, and Finneys
Divine Health - Table of Contents
       DIVINE HEALTH A Series Of Lectures To Students Of God's Bible School By George Brubaker Kulp Author of Callused Knees A Voice From Eternity Nuggets of Gold, Etc. God's Revivalist Office 1810 Young St. Cincinnati, Ohio LECTURE 1 "When the even was come, they brought unto Him many that were possessed with devils: and He cast
Nuggets of Gold - Table of Contents
       For the Use of Preachers, Teachers, and All Workers Gathered Here and There Through Over Thirty Years of Active Ministry By George Brubaker Kulp Pastor of Immanuel Holiness Church Battle Creek, Michigan With an Introduction By M. G. Standley of "God's Revivalist" God's Revivalist Office "Mount of Blessings" Cincinnati, Ohio Printed Book Copyr
The Callused Knees - Table of Contents
       THE CALLUSED KNEES A Man Sent From God Whose Name Was John By George B. Kulp Author of Nuggets of Gold A Voice From Eternity Etc. "Men ought always to pray, and not faint." -- Luke 18:1 "Pray without ceasing." -- I Thess. 5:17 "This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles." -- Psalms 34
The Departed Lord - Table of Contents
       "The Lord was departed from Saul" (I Sam. 18:12). After preaching a sermon on The Judgment at Steelton, Pa., one night, I gave the altar call, earnestly exhorting the people to yield themselves to God, and before I was through a woman hastened up the aisle and threw herself down at the altar and cried, "O God, give me one more chance." She evi
The Making of a Preacher - Table of Contents
      Bishop Quayle, in his latest work, "The Pastor Preacher," says, "If God or man has a manlier business than preaching, that business has not been set down in the list of masculine activities. Preaching is a robust business ... 'If, after the manner of men I have fought with the beasts of Ephesus' is not a phrase descriptive of physical or metaphysic
Truths that Transfigure - Table of Contents
       TRUTHS THAT TRANSFIGURE Faith Tonics By George B. Kulp Author of Callused Knees Nuggets of Gold King's Allowance Voice From Eternity The Departed Lord Etc. Fifteen sermons for the saints published at request of laity and ministry "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." God's Revivalist Press Ringgold, Young and Channi

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