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Christian Stewardship

By George Kulp

Table of Contents

   Lecture 1 - CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP By George Brubaker Kulp A Series of Lectures Delivered by Bro. Geo. B. Kulp to the Students of God's Bible School, C
   Lecture 2 - Paul, writing to the Church says, "See that ye abound in this grace also" -- the grace of giving. The Persian proverb says, "Do the little things now;
   Lecture 3 - The Church of God should never have to appeal to unsaved men for money, for the money thus given is not acceptable unto the Lord. "Obedience is better
   Lecture 4 - To refresh your minds, take a look again at what the Lord required of the Jew in olden times. Each head of a family was bound by direct enactment to g
   Lecture 5 - Some branches of the Church are today waking up to the fact of Christian stewardship as taught in the Gospels. The Methodist Episcopal Church at the G
   Lecture 6 - Rev. A. J. Gordon, whose church increased its offerings so largely under the tithing system, inquires: "Ought the proportion to be any less under the

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