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Battlefields of the Church

By George Kulp

Table of Contents

   1: The Word of God - BATTLEFIELDS OF THE CHURCH Lectures to Students at God's Bible School By George Brubaker Kulp Author of Callused Knees A Voice from Eternit
   2: The Holy Spirit the Author - "An intimate acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures is a secure haven, an impregnable bulwark, an immovable tower, an imperishable glory, an impenetrab
   3: The Old Testament and the New - It seems to us very plain that the promise of Jesus implies that the apostles, in executing their commission, were to be assisted by the illumination
   4: Verbal Inspiration - We will now briefly examine the subject as it is presented in the Holy Scriptures, and see whether we find sufficient reason to affirm that inspiratio
   5: Thus Saith the Lord - Let me here give another proof-text for the inspiration of the New Testament -- the opening verses of the first and second chapters of Hebrews: "GOD,
   6: Testimony of the Fathers - Let us listen for awhile to the utterances of the Fathers. Justin, speaking of the words of Scripture, says, "We must not suppose that the language
   7: Witnesses to the Truth - It has been said that the best men and scholars do not accept of this view of inspiration. Allow me to quote some whose ability and piety are beyond q

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