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The Making of a Preacher

By George Kulp

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1: The Preacher's Call - Bishop Quayle, in his latest work, "The Pastor Preacher," says, "If God or man has a manlier business than preaching, that business has not been set d
   Chapter 2: The Preacher's Education - The Apostle declares we are to speak to men to their edification and comfort. While it is true that none but God can make a minister of the Gospel, it
   Chapter 3: Personal Piety - Dr. Porter affirmed, "Vigorous piety is never maintained without systematic attention to reading of the Scriptures and sacred prayer." The preceding c
   Chapter 4: The Earnest Preacher - Earnestness in the pulpit is so rare in these days that an earnest preacher excites remark, and is a subject of criticism. Men can be earnest in every
   Chapter 5: The Revival Preacher - "He that winneth souls is wise" and "He that is wise winneth souls." The one object of the man called of God to preach is to win souls; all his preach
   Chapter 6: The Man in the Pulpit - It may seem rather strange that after the preceding chapters we should take such a caption as the above, but we believe there is a demand for MANLY me
   Chapter 7: The Growing of Sermons - Someone has said, "Poets are born, not made." Talmage said in one of his sermons, "Church sextons are born, not made." There is truth perhaps in both
   Chapter 8: The Preacher as a Pastor - Paul in an address declared that he not only taught publicly but from "house to house." An uncouth, uncultured, hard-handed son of toil, who had found
   Chapter 9: The Preacher's Difficulties - "Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed." James wrote that line, and we can get much comfort from it. The Apostle who walke
   Chapter 10: The Preacher's Reward - There is a present reward to every man of God called to preach, and that is a consciousness of the privilege of preaching the Gospel. "The tongue's ho

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