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DevotionalWhen ye go, ye shall not go empty
      When we are really emptied He delights to fill us with Himself and the Holy Spirit. it is very precious to be conscious of nothing good in ourselves; but are we also conscious of His great goodness? We may be ready to admit our own disability' but are we as ready to admit His ability? There are many Christians who can say, "I am not sufficient of
DevotionalWhen ye pray, believe that ye receive
      Consecration is entered into by an act of faith. We are to take sanctification as a gift from God, believing and confessing that we have it. We must step out on it firmly. We must let the devil also know we have it. When once we tell the Lord, boldly, "I am yours, "He answers back from the heavenly heights, "You are Mine, and the echoes go ringi
DevotionalWhere is the way where light dwelleth
      Jewels, in themselves, are valueless unless they are brought into contact with light. If they are put into certain positions they will reflect the beauty of the sun. There is no beauty in them otherwise. The diamond that is stored in a dark gallery or remains down in the deep mine displays no beauty whatever. What is it but a piece of charcoal, a b
Devotionalwhere thou makest thy flock to rest at noon
       Beloved, do you not long for God's quiet, the inner chambers, the shadow of the Almighty, the secret of His presence? Your life has been, perhaps, all driving and doing; or perhaps straining, struggling, longing and not obtaining. You long for rest! you long to lie down close to His heart and know that you have all in Him, that every question is
DevotionalWhereas thou hast been forsaken and hated
      God loves to take the worst of lost men and make them the most magnificent memorials of His redeeming love and power. He loves to take the victims of Satan's hate and the most fearful examples of his power to destroy and use them to illustrate and illuminate the possibilities of divine mercy and the creativity of the Holy Spirit. He loves to take
DevotionalWherefore receive ye one another
      0ur text sets forth a sublime principle, and it will give sublimity to all of life. It is stated elsewhere in similar language, Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus (Colossians 3:17). This is our high calling, to represent Christ and act in His behalf and in His character and spirit under all circumstances and towa
DevotionalWho Always Causeth Us to Triumph
      Every victor must first be a self-conqueror. But the method of Joshua's victory was the uplifted arm of Moses on the mount. As Moses held up his hands, Joshua prevailed; as he lowered them, Amalek prevailed. It was to be a battle of faith and not of human strength. The banner that was to wave over the discomfited foe was Jehovah-nissi. This, to
DevotionalWho hath despised the day of small things
      The oak comes out of the acorn, the eagle out of that little egg in the nest, the harvest out of the seed. Thus the glory of the coming age is coming out of the Christ-life now, even as the majesty of His kingdom was all wrapped up that night in the baby in Bethlehem. Let us take Jesus for our total lives. Let us be united to His person and His ris
DevotionalWho shall separate us from the love of Christ?
       Who shall separate us from-the love of Christ? After all the possible obstacles and enemies have been mentioned, one by one, the triumphant answer comes: In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us (v. 37). Our trials will be turned to helps; our enemies will be taken prisoners and made to fight our battles. Like the
SermonWholly Sanctified
      "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it" (I Thess. 5:23, 24). The prominence given to the subject of Christian life and holiness is one of the signs of our times and of the co
DevotionalWhosoever abideth in him sinneth not
      What becomes of our old nature when we are sanctified? Many people are unduly concerned to know if it can be killed outright and seem to desire a sort of certificate of its death and burial. It is enough to know that it is outside and Christ is in us. It may show itself again, and even knock at the door and plead for admittance, but it is forever o
DevotionalWhosoever therefore shall humble himself
      You will never have a humble heart until it is born from above, from the heart of Christ. For man has lost his own humanity and unfortunately too often has a wicked heart. God wants us, as Christians ' to be simple, human, approachable and childlike. The Christians who we know and love best, and who are nearest to the Lord, are the most simple. Wh
DevotionalWhosoever will save his life shall lose it
      First and foremost Christ teaches resurrection and life. The power of Christianity is life. It brings us not merely law, duty, example, with high and holy teaching and admonition; it brings us the power to follow the higher ideal and the life that spontaneously does the things commanded. And it is not only life, but resurrection life. It begins wit
Devotionalwill draw all men unto me
      A true and pure Christian life attracts the world. Men and women find no inducement whatever in the lives of mediocre Christians to interest them in practical religion, but they may be won at once by a true and victorious example. Men of the world tend to step directly into a life of entire consecration rather than into the intermediate state which
SermonWords For Discouraged Workers
       Last week we listened to the words of encouragement from the old Prophet Haggai, as he spake to the band of captives who were restoring the temple of God in Jerusalem. About the same time there was another prophet named Zechariah, a young man, who perhaps at this time was just beginning his prophetic ministry, whose voice was also associated by th
DevotionalYe are complete in him
      In Jesus we are now complete. Even as the architect's model is planned and prepared and completed in his office, so the perfect pattern of the life of holy service, for which Jesus has redeemed and called us, is now in Him in heaven. But now it must be formed in us and transferred to our earthly lives, and this is the Holy Spirit's work. He takes
DevotionalYe are not in the flesh, but in the spirit
      A spiritual man is not so much a man possessing a strong spiritual character as a man filled with the Holy Spirit. So the apostle Paul said: Ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. The glory of the new creation, then, is not only that it recreates the human spirit, but that it fits it for the abode
DevotionalYe are not your own
      What a privilege that we may consecrate ourselves! What a mercy that God will take such worthless creatures! What rest and comfort lie hidden in those words, "Not your own." We are not responsible for our salvation, not burdened by our cares, not obliged to live for our interests, but altogether His. We are redeemed, owned, saved and kept in the
DevotionalYe are the light of the world
      We are called the lights of the worldlight bearers, reflectors, candlesticks, lamps. We are to be kindled ourselves, and then we will burn and give light to others. We are the only light the world has. The Lord could come down Himself and give light to the world, but He has chosen differently. He wants to send it through us, and if we do not give i
DevotionalYe cannot serve God and mammon
       Jesus does not say you cannot very well serve God and mammon. Rather, He says you cannot serve two masters at all. If you try, you will surely end up serving only one. The person who thinks he or she is serving God a little is deceived. He or she is not serving God. God will not have that service. The devil will monopolize the person before long.

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