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DevotionalMy helpers in Christ Jesus
      Christ's Church is overrun with captains. It is in great need of a few more privates. A few rivers run into the sea, but a larger number run into other rivers. We cannot all be Pioneers, but we can all be helpers. No man is fitted to go in first place until he has learned well how to go second. A spirit of self-importance is fatal to all work for
DevotionalMy peace I give unto you
      Here lies the secret of abiding peace-God's peace. We give ourselves to God and the Holy Spirit takes possession of our hearts. It is indeed "Peace, peace." But it is at this precise point that the devil begins to interfere, and he does it through our thoughts, diverting or distracting them as the occasion requires. This is the time to prove the
DevotionalNeither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling
      We know what it is to be fireproof or to be waterproof. But it is a greater thing to be sin proof. it is possible to be so filled with the Spirit of Jesus that all the shafts of the enemy glance off our heavenly armor. It is possible to so know the presence of Jesus that all the burrs and thistles which grow on the wayside fail to stick to our heav
DevotionalNevertheless, David took the castle of Zion
      If you seem to have so much fighting to do, it may be because you did not have one sharp, decisive battle to begin with. It is far easier to have one great battle than to keep on skirmishing all your life. I know men who spend forty years fighting what they call their besetting sin, and on which they waste strength enough to evangelize the world. D
DevotionalNone of these things move me
       The best evidence of God's presence is the devil's growl. So once wrote Charles H. Spurgeon in The Sword and the Trowel. That little sentence has helped many a tried and tired child of God to stand fast and even rejoice under the fiercest attacks of the foe. We read in the book of Second Samuel that the moment David was crowned at Hebron, "All
DevotionalNot as I will but as thou wilt
      There are two attitudes in which our will should be given to God. First, we should have the surrendered will. This is where we must all begin, by yielding up to God our natural will and having Him possess it. But next, He wants us to have the victorious will. As soon as He receives our will in honest surrender, He wants to put His will into it and
DevotionalNot my will, but thine
      Jesus who once suffered in Gethsemane will be our strength and our victory, too. We may fear, we may also sink, but let us not be dismayed, and we shall yet praise Him and look back from a finished course and say, Not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the Lord [our] God spake concerning [us] (Joshua 23:14). But in order to do this,
DevotionalNot ourselves, but Christ Jesus
      Your Christian influence, your reputation as a worker for God and your standing among your brethren may be an idol to which you must die before you can be free to live for Jesus alone. If you have ever noticed the type on a printed page, you must have seen that the little "i" always has a dot over it. It is that dot that elevates it above the oth
DevotionalNot Sufficient of Ourselves
      Not sufficient-all sufficient. These two expressions are the complement of each other. Together they are the key to an effective Christian life. The discovery and full conviction of our utter helplessness is the constant condition for spiritual supply. The aim of the Old Testament, therefore, is ever to show man's failure; that of the New, to re
DevotionalNow are we the sons of God
      We are the sons of God. We are not merely called such or even legally declared so, but we actually are sons of God by receiving the life and nature of God. And so we are the very brethren of our Lord, not only in His human nature, but still more so in His divine relationship. Therefore, he is not ashamed to call [us] brethren (Hebrews 2:11). He giv
DevotionalNow it is high time to awake out of sleep
      Let us wake out of sleep, let us be alert, let us be alive to the great necessities that really concern us. Let us put off the garments of the night and the indulgences of the night, the loose robes of pleasure and the flowing garments of repose. The festal pleasures of the hours of darkness are not for the children of the day. Let us cast off the
DevotionalNow mine eyes seeth thee
      We must recognize the true character of our self-life and its real virulence and vileness. We must consent to its destruction, and we must take it ourselves, as Abraham did Isaac, and lay it at the feet of God in willing sacrifice. This is a seemingly impossible task for the natural heart, but the moment the will is yielded and the choice is made,
DevotionalNow no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous
      God seems to love to work by paradoxes and contradictions. In the transformations of grace, the bitter is the base of the sweet, night is the mother of day and death is the gate of life. Many people want to have power. But, how is power produced? The other day I passed the large powerhouse where the trolley engines are supplied with electricity. I
SermonOffices And Relations Of The Holy Ghost
      I. The Holy Spirit in Relation to the Godhead. This Divine person has a special place in the Trinity, and in the Divine economy. With respect to the Father, He is spoken of as proceeding from Him; the same term is also used of His relation to the Son; He has been called the executive of the Godhead. Many figures have been used; althoug
DevotionalOr ministry, let us wait on our ministering
      Beloved, are you ministering to Christ? Arc you doing it with your hands? Are you doing it with your substance and with your gifts? Is He getting the best at your table? And when He does not come to fill the chair, is it free to His representative, His poor and humble children? Your words and wishes are cheap if they do not find expression in your
SermonPartnership With God
      The members of an English publishing firm recently sat down together to their annual dinner in Exeter Hall. There were more than two thousand partners at the table. It was a strange sight to look at that immense crowd of men and realise that they were one firm. They had adopted the plan of making all their employees partners, and it had worked most
DevotionalPeace be unto you
      Peace be unto you. These words are a type of Jesus' first appearing to our hearts when He comes to bring us His peace and to teach us to trust Him and to love Him. But there is a second peace which He has to give. Jesus said unto them again, Peace be unto you. There is a "peace," and there is an 44 again peace." There is a peace with God, and t
SermonPerson And Attributes Of The Holy Ghost
      "God hath not given us the Spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."--2 Tim. 1:7. I. The Holy Spirit is a Person. The Holy Ghost is a distinct individual, and not a vague influence, or a phase of Divine working. Just as there are three judges on the bench, constituting the one court, three persons in the househol
SermonPersonal Responsibility
      There were few in these days of our Lord who had not either seen or heard of a Roman triumphal procession, or witnessed on a smaller scale the pageants of Herod; and they had heard all over the world of the majestic and magnificent entrance to the capital of returning consuls, and generals and emperors after some great victory; how, for days before
SermonPower For Service
      Man is born the most impotent creature on the face of the earth. The young brute grows into its prime while the infant is still a helpless child. And morally, he is still more weak . His own passions are stronger than he. Every temptation bears him away, and every surrounding influence controls and molds him. Spiritually he is still more weak; not

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