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DevotionalThey shall mount up with wings
       They shall mount up with wings as eagles is God's preliminary; the next promise is, they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Hours of holy exultation are the reward for hours of patient plodding, waiting and working. Nature has its springs, and so has grace. Let us rejoice in the Lord always. Let us take Him to be our
DevotionalThey shall not be ashamed that wait
      0ften God calls us aside from our work for a season and bids us be still and learn before we begin again to minister. Especially is this so when there has been some serious break, some sudden failure or some radical defect in our work. There is no time lost in such waiting hours. Fleeing from his enemies, the ancient knight found that his horse nee
DevotionalThey wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way
      A 11 who fight the Lord's battles must be content to die to the favorable opinions of men and the flattery of human praise. We cannot make an exception even in favor of the good opinions of the children of God. It is very easy for the insidious adversary to make this also an appeal to the flesh. It is all right when God sends us the approval of ou
DevotionalThey were all filled with the Holy Ghost
      Blessed secret of spiritual purity, victory and joy, of physical life and healing and all power for service! Filled with the Spirit there is no room for self or sin, for fret or care. Filled with the Spirit we repel the elements of disease that are in the air as the red-hot iron repels the water that touches it. Filled with the Spirit we are always
DevotionalThey which receive abundance of grace
      God's people sometimes fight tremendous battles to attain to righteousness in trying circumstances. Perhaps they feel guilt because temptation has been allowed to overcome them or, at least, to turn them aside from their singleness of purpose toward God. The resulting conflict is a terrible one as they seek to adjust and be right with God. They fi
DevotionalThine handmaid hath riot anything in the house, save a pot of oil
      Elisha asked the widow, "What hast thou in the house?" And she said, "Nothing but a pot of oil." But that pot of oil was adequate all her needs, had she only known how to use it. In truth it represented the Holy Spirit, and the great lesson of the incident is that the Holy Spirit is adequate for all our needs, if we only know how to use Him. Al
Devotionalthings that are freely given to us of God
      The highest blessings of the gospel are just as free as the lowest; when you have served God ten years you cannot sit down and say, "I have an experience now and I count on that." We so often do that! We say, "Now I know I am saved, I feel it." And so we are building a different foundation-we build on something in ourselves. Always take grace a
DevotionalThink it not strange concerning the fiery trial
      Most persons after a step of faith are looking for sunny skies and unruffled seas, and when they meet a storm and tempest they are filled with astonishment and perplexity. But this is just what we must expect to meet if we have received anything of the Lord. The best token of His presence is the adversary's defiance. The more real our blessing, th
DevotionalThis is my beloved, and this is my friend
      God is our friend. Which of you shall have a friend, . . . at midnight? asked Jesus (Luke 11:5). This concept of God as our friend has deep significance for each one of us. Who has not had a friend, who in some respects was more of a friend than anyone in the family? Reflect upon that friendship. Recall each act of love. Think of all you could trus
DevotionalThis is that bread which came down from heaven
      We had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raiseth the dead: who delivered us from so great a death and doth deliver: in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us (2 Corinthians 1:9). This was the supernatural secret of Paul's life; he drew continually in his body from the strength of Christ,
DevotionalThis one thing I do
      0ne of Satan's favorite employees is the switchman. He likes nothing better than to sidetrack one of God's express trains sent on some blessed mission and filled with the fire of a holy purpose. Something will come up in the pathway of the earnest man to attract his attention and occupy his strength and thought. Sometimes it is a little irritatio
DevotionalThou hast the dew of thy youth
      0h, that we might get such a view of Him as would make it impossible for little things ever to fret us again! The petty cares that have troubled us so much ought rather to cause us to wonder that we can think so much about them. if we had the dew of His youth we would go forth as the morning and fulfill the promise of a glorious day! What a differe
DevotionalThou shalt be to him instead of God
      Such was God's promise to Moses, and such the high character that Moses was to assume toward Aaron, his brother. Does it not suggest a high and glorious place that each of us may occupy toward all whom we meet, instead of God? What a dignity and glory it would give our lives, could we uniformly realize this high calling! What a difference it would
DevotionalThough it tarry, wait for it; for it will surely come, and will not tarry
      Some things have their cycle in an hour and some in a century. Long or short, God's plans shall complete their cycle. The tender annual which blossoms for a season and dies, and the American aloe which develops in a century-each is true to its normal principle. Many of us desire to pluck our fruit in June rather than wait until October, and so, of
DevotionalThy gentleness hath made me great
       The blessed Comforter is gentle, tender and full of patience and love. How gentle are God's dealings even with sinners. How patient His forbearance. How tender His discipline with His own erring children. How He led Jacob, Joseph, Israel, David, Elijah and all His ancient servants until they could truly say, Thy gentleness hath made me great. The
DevotionalThy prayers . . . are come up for a memorial before God
      What a beautiful expression the angel used to Cornelius, Thy prayers are come up for a memorial. It would almost seem as if supplications of years had accumulated before the Throne, and at last the answer broke in blessings on the head of Cornelius, even as the accumulated evaporation of months bursts in floods of rain upon the parched ground. God
DevotionalTo him that overcometh, will I give
      A precious secret of Christian life is to have Jesus dwelling within the heart and conquering things that we never could overcome. it is the only secret of power in our lives. Men cannot understand it nor will the world believe it, but it is true that God will come to dwell within us and be the power, the purity, the victory and the joy of our live
DevotionalTo obey is better than sacrifice
      0ur healing is represented as a special recompense for obedience. If, therefore, we would please the Lord and have the reward of those who please Him, there is no service so acceptable to Him as our praise. Let us ever meet Him with a glad and thankful heart, and He will reflect it back in the radiance of our countenance and the buoyant life and sp
DevotionalTouch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm
      I would rather play with the forked lightning than to speak a reckless word against any servant of Christ. I would rather take in my hands live wires with their fiery current than to idly repeat the slanderous darts which thousands of Christians are hurling at others to the hurt of their own souls and bodies. You may wonder why your sickness is not
Devotionaltouched with the feeling of our infirmities
      Some time ago I was talking with a greatly suffering woman about healing. She was quite burdened physically and sincerely wanted to be able to trust the Lord for deliverance. After a short conversation I prayed with her, committing her case to the Lord, asking that in absolute trust she might claim deliverance. As soon as I ended my prayer she gras

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