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The Hidden Life

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Hidden Life - The Hidden Life by J. R. Miller, 1895 Introduction The Chapters in this little volume may have their message to some who are striving to liv
   Chapter 2 - The Outer and Inner Life - In every man there are two men. There is an outer man that people can see; there is an inner man that no human eye can see. The outer man may be hurt,
   Chapter 3 - Satisfaction--Not Repression - Thirst is characteristic of humanity. Wherever you find a human soul, you find in it longings, desires, and yearnings. Then it is only commonplace to
   Chapter 4 - Comfort in Christ's Knowledge of Us - To many people, the thought of Christ's perfect knowledge of them is an unwelcome one. It frightens and troubles them. But if we are living as we shou
   Chapter 5 - A Condition of Divine Blessing - There is a secret of living which, if people knew it, would make all life easier for them. It may be stated thus--that as we take up any duty and go f
   Chapter 6 - Secrets of Contentment - "I am glad to think I am not bound to make the world go right, But only to discover, and to do with cheerful heart, The work which God appoints." Som
   Chapter 7 - Our Unanswered Prayers - There are times when God seems to be silent to us. To our earnest supplications, he answers not a word. We are told to ask and we shall receive--to se
   Chapter 8 - For the People Who Fail - It is quite time some helpful words should be spoken for the people who fail. There are enough to sing the praises of those who succeed. When a man is
   Chapter 9 - The Sin of Not Praying for Others - There is a Scripture word which suggests to us in a striking way--the importance of praying for others. Samuel had been set aside by the people in the
   Chapter 10 - On Growing Old Successfully - A great deal of advice is given to young people. Sermons are preached to them. Books are written for them, filled with counsels. No doubt the young ne

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