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How to Work for Christ: Book 1

By Reuben Archer Torrey

Table of Contents

   Personal Work, Chapter 1 - PREFACE This book is written for both ministers and laymen. It will be of help to the minister in suggesting to him how to make full proof of his o
   Personal Work, Chapter 2 - THE CONDITIONS OF SUCCESS I. PERSONAL EXPERIMENTAL KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST AS SAVIOR. The first condition of success in personal work, and in
   Personal Work, Chapter 3 - WHERE TO DO PERSONAL WORK I. PERSONAL WORK AFTER A GOSPEL MEETING. Perhaps the easiest and most natural place to do personal work is after a Gos
   Personal Work, Chapter 4 - HOW TO BEGIN One of the most difficult points in personal work is beginning. It is comparatively easy to go on after one has got an opening. I.
   Personal Work, Chapter 5 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO REALIZE THEIR NEED OF A SAVIOR AND REALLY DESIRE TO BE SAVED We come now to the question of how to deal with individual
   Personal Work, Chapter 6 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO HAVE LITTLE OR NO CONCERN ABOUT THEIR SOULS The largest class of men and women are those who have little or no concern a
   Personal Work, Chapter 7 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO HAVE DIFFICULTIES We will find that a very large number of the persons whom we try to lead to Christ are really anxious
   Personal Work, Chapter 8 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO ENTERTAIN FALSE HOPES I. THE HOPE OF BEING SAVED BY A RIGHTEOUS LIFE. 1. This is the most common of false hopes. Ev
   Personal Work, Chapter 9 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO LACK ASSURANCE It is not enough that a man be saved: to be of the most use to God he must know that he is saved, and no
   Personal Work, Chapter 10 - HOW TO DEAL WITH BACKSLIDERS One of the largest classes found in the inquiry room, and in all personal work in our day, are those who are, or call
   Personal Work, Chapter 11 - HOW TO DEAL WITH PROFESSED SKEPTICS AND INFIDELS There are various classes of skeptics, and it is not wise to use the same methods in dealing with
   Personal Work, Chapter 12 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO WISH TO PUT OFF A DECISION UNTIL SOME OTHER TIME Oftentimes when you have swept away every difficulty, and the way of sa
   Personal Work, Chapter 13 - HOW TO DEAL WITH THE DELUDED I. ROMAN CATHOLICS. 1. Very few Roman Catholics have assurance of salvation, indeed very few understand that it i
   Personal Work, Chapter 14 - HOW TO DEAL WITH CHRISTIANS WHO NEED COUNSEL, REBUKE, ENCOURAGEMENT, OR COMFORT. It is often necessary to do personal work with those who are reall
   Personal Work, Chapter 15 - SOME HINTS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR PERSONAL WORK A few general suggestions that will be helpful to the personal worker remain to be made. I. AS A RU

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