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Converts Guide: Chapter 36 - The Ear of God

By John Hames

      "The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and His ears are opened unto their cry" (Psa. 34:15).

      It is quite difficult to throw off the embarrassment of being slighted or overlooked. It also places us in rather a strange predicament when we write or speak to people, and know they hear us, or receive our mail, and yet fail to give us any reply whatever. Now to avoid falling into a similar temptation when we pray, God had this statement which constitutes the text left on record.

      In the following lines I shall attempt to call the convert's attention to a few interesting facts about the ear of God, which may be found beneficial in his Christian life.

      1. The ear of God is universal. In this life there is a possibility of us getting out of touch with our loved ones and friends, to the extent that we can not reach them, neither by phone or mail. But this is not so with God. His ear can be reached from the lion's den, fiery furnace, whale's belly, dark dungeon and the Isle of Patmos. All we have to do is to keep the conditions met and we will be able to hear from heaven on the darkest night and in the loudest storm. Reader, His ear is everywhere present. You may be away on the burning sands of Africa, or amid the barren islands of the sea, or away on Greenland's frigid mountains, but remember, God is there and will answer prayer.

      2. God's ear is not only universal, but it is attentive. Many times away on some lonely island, or far-off seashore, the bones of a shipwrecked man and a white handkerchief tied to a stick have been found. The poor, unfortunate man had drifted there from some sinking vessel. For days he called aloud and waved his handkerchief in the briny air, but received no response. He had called loud and long, only to be mocked by the surging billows. The boats were seen passing in the distance but gave him no response. But God is not like this, but gives a listening ear to all of His children in every land.

      3. His ear is also a patient one. How many times those people to whom we go for soul help and spiritual advice, turn upon us and accuse and upbraid us; but our heavenly Father lovingly and patiently hears the long prayers, short prayers and ungrammatical prayers. He not only hears our prayers, but our soul whispers and the midnight groans, which are too deep for words.

      4. It is also a confidential ear. Many times we reveal our secrets confidentially to our friends, and hear them from a half dozen parties a few days later; but with God it is not so. He is the best secret keeper in the world.

      5. His ear is impartial. He does not have any more respect of certain persons, but is willing to come to the relief and assistance of all classes, colors and nations, if they meet the required conditions.

      6. Finally, He has an unforgetting ear. Many times we make petitions to our friends and they forget all about responding, but God never forgets, neither does He make any mistakes. Listen to His precious words, "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands" (Isa. 49:16).

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