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BookQuiet Talks On Service 7 - Worry: A Hindrance to Service.
      (Psalm xxxvii:1-11; Matthew vi:19-34, Philippians iv:6-7. American Revision.) Fear Not. There is nothing commoner than worry. Everybody seems to worry. Men worry. Women worry. It is commonly supposed that women worry more than men. I doubt it. After watching both pretty closely under all sorts of circumstances I doubt it. Yet if it be true th
Quiet Talks On Service 8 - Gideon's Band: Sifted for Service.
      (1 Corinthians i:18-31; Judges vi and vii.) God Wants the Best. Salvation is for all. Service is for those chosen for it. All may serve. That all do not is simply because service requires qualities which all do not have. Yet, again, all may have them who will, for the required qualities are heart qualities. And every one of us can cultivate t
Quiet Talks On Service 9 - Footnotes
      [1] 1 John i:1. [2] 2 Corinthians iii:18. [3] Frances Ridley Havergal. [4] Exodus xxi:2-6, Leviticus xxv:39-43; Deuteronomy xv:12-18. [5] Psalm xi:6-8; Hebrews x:5-7. [6] Isaiah 1:4-6. [7] John v:19, 30; vi:38, 57; vii:16-17, 28; viii:28, 29. [8] John Sullivan Dwight. [9] Mark i:41; Matthew ix:36; Mark vi:34 (with Matthew xi
BookQuiet Talks with World Winners - Table of Contents
       Quiet Talks with World Winners By S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks on Power," "Quiet Talks About Jesus," "Quiet Talks on Personal Problems," Etc. Contents     Table of Contents A. World-winning     1. The Master Passion     2. The Master's Plan     3. The Urgent Need     4. The Present Opportun
Quiet Talks with World Winners 1 - The Master Passion
      The Earliest Calvary Picture. There's a great passion burning in the heart of God. It is tenderly warm and tenaciously strong. Its fires never burn low, nor lose their fine glow. That passion is to win man back home again. The whole world of man is included in its warm, eager reach. The old home hearth-fire of God is lonely since man went awa
Quiet Talks with World Winners 2 - The Master's Plan
      Will the World Be Won? The great passion of God's heart is a love-passion. Love never fails. It waits and, if need be, waits long; but it never fails to get what it is waiting for. Love sacrifices; though it never uses that word. It doesn't know it is sacrificing, it is so absorbed in its gripping purpose. There may be keen-cutting pain, but i
Quiet Talks with World Winners 3 - The Urgent Need
      Three Great Groups. The human heart is tender. It answers quickly to the cry of need. It is oftentimes hard to find. In Christian lands it is covered up with selfishness. And in heathen lands the selfishness seems so thickly crusted that it is hard to awaken even common humanitarian feeling. But that heart once dug out, and touched, never fai
Quiet Talks with World Winners 4 - The Present Opportunity
      Somebody's Knocking at the Door. There's a soft, tender passion in the heart of God. Its flame burns steadily. It never flags nor dims. It's a passion for His child-man. And that very passion itself draws man to Himself with a drawing power that is irresistible. They can't resist being drawn, even though they may refuse to yield to it. There
Quiet Talks with World Winners 5 - The Pressing Emergency
      The October Panic. A man walked up the steps of a well-known bank in lower New York one morning, about a half-hour before opening-time, and stood before the shut door. In a few minutes another came, and stood waiting beside him. Others came, one by one, until soon a small group stood in line, waiting for the door to open. A messenger boy, com
Quiet Talks with World Winners 6 - The Past Failure
      Some of God's Failures. God fails, sometimes. That is to say, the plan He has made and set His heart upon fails. Eden was God's plan for man. A weedless, thornless, world-garden of great beauty and fruitfulness; a man and woman living together in sweet purity and strong self-mastery; their children growing up in such an atmosphere, trained fo
Quiet Talks with World Winners 7 - The Coming Victory
      Failure Swallowed by Victory. But God's failures are only for a while. They are real. There is the tragic element in them. There is the deep, sad tinge of disappointment running throughout this old Book of God. Yet the failures are only for a time. Sometimes it seems a very long time, especially if you are living through some of it. But the time
Quiet Talks with World Winners 8 - The Church
      Forces That Win. God's world is full of winning forces. The great ball of fire around which our earth revolves is the greatest winning force in the life of the earth. It is constantly winning the earth to itself with a power unseen but tremendous, beyond anybody's power to calculate. The swing of the earth away from the sun is being continually
Quiet Talks with World Winners 9 - Each One of Us
      Our Drawing Power. The greatest human winning force is a man swayed in every bit of his being by the Spirit of Jesus. Man himself is the most attractive thing on God's earth. He has the greatest drawing power. He is attractive to God. He drew out of the creative power of God this world of beauty and splendor. He drew Jesus down from the thron
Quiet Talks with World Winners 10 - Jesus
      Jesus Draws Men. The great heart-magnet is God. No one is so winsomely attractive as He. His winning power is beyond any other. Man is winsome. But it is because God made him winsome, and re-makes him yet more winsome. He gave him a bit of His own self. That's the secret of all our human winsomeness. Now Jesus is God to us. We know God only a
Quiet Talks with World Winners 11 - The Holy Spirit
      The Last Talk Together. A little group of men were climbing the winding path that led up Olivet's slope. The Master was in the midst, and the others before and behind, where they could hear His voice. For they were talking together as they walked along. That is to say, He was talking, and they were listening, with an occasional question. They we
Quiet Talks with World Winners 12 - Prayer
      The Greatest Doing Is Praying. The greatest of all things we can do is to pray . Jesus lived a life of prayer. All that He did and said grew out of His prayer. There is no way of knowing exactly how far it was so. But the more I study His life the stronger grows the impression that His teaching and activity, which form the greater part of
Quiet Talks with World Winners 13 - Money
      Limitations. Money seems almost almighty in its power to do things, and make changes. It can make a desert blossom as a rose. It can even defy death. Medical skill holds the life here that otherwise would have been snuffed out. Great buildings go up. Colleges begin their life with apparatus and books, skilled instructors, and eager students. Mam
Quiet Talks with World Winners 14 - Sacrifice
      One Hank Over For the Candle. The light of a common candle in the window of a little cottage near the coast shone far out over the sea. It was up north of Scotland, in one of the Orkney Islands. Near the window sat a frail, gray-haired woman with cheery, thoughtful face. She was busy working at her spinning-wheel, and watching the candle, turnin
Quiet Talks with World Winners 15 - Footnotes
      [1] Acts 13:18, American Revision. [2] John 3:17. [3] Matthew 13:38. [4] John 12:20-33. [5] Matthew 24:14. [6] Revelation 20:7-8. [7] Matthew 24:14. [8] Acts 15:13-18. [9] Matthew 13:38. [10] Christina Rossetti, in The Outlook , slightly altered. [11] Matthew 25 40, 45. [12] Revelation 2:5 [13] Matthew 24 14.

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