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BookQuiet Talks on Prayer 6 - Why the Results are Delayed
      God's Pathway to Human Hearts. God touches men through men. The Spirit's path to a human heart is through another human heart. With reverence be it said, yet with blunt plainness that in His plan for winning men to their true allegiance God is limited by the human limitations. That may seem to mean more than it really does. For our thought of th
Quiet Talks on Prayer 7 - The Great Outside Hindrance
      The Traitor Prince. There remains yet a word to be said about hindrances. It is a most important word; indeed the climactic word. What has been said is simply clearing the way for what is yet to be said. A very strange phase of prayer must be considered here. Strange only because not familiar. Yet though strange it contains the whole heart of th
Quiet Talks on Prayer 8 - The "How" of Relationship
      God's Ambassadors. If I had an ambition to be the ambassador of this country to our mother-country, there would be two essential things involved. The first and great essential would be to receive the appointment. I would need to come into certain relation with our president, to possess certain qualifications considered essential by him, and to s
Quiet Talks on Prayer 9 - The "How" of Method
      Touching the Hidden Keys. One of the most remarkable illustrations in recent times of the power of prayer, may be found in the experience of Mr. Moody. It explains his unparalleled career of world-wide soul winning. One marvels that more has not been said of it. Its stimulus to faith is great. I suppose the man most concerned did not speak of it
Quiet Talks on Prayer 10 - The Listening Side of Prayer
      A Trained Ear. In prayer the ear is an organ of first importance. It is of equal importance with the tongue, but must be named first. For the ear leads the way to the tongue. The child hears a word before it speaks it. Through the ear comes the use of the tongue. Where the faculties are normal the tongue is trained only through the ear. This is
Quiet Talks on Prayer 11 - Something about God's Will in Connection With Prayer
      He Came to His Own. The purpose of prayer is to get God's will done. What a stranger God is in His own world! Nobody is so much slandered as He. He comes to His own, and they keep Him standing outside the door, like a pilgrim of the night, staff in hand, while they peer suspiciously at Him through the crack of the hinges. Some of us shrink ba
Quiet Talks on Prayer 12 - May we Pray With Assurance for the Conversion of Our Loved Ones
      God's Door into a Home. The heart of God hungers to redeem the world. For that He gave His own, only Son though the treatment He received tore that father's heart to the bleeding. For that He sent the Holy Spirit to do in men what the Son had done for them. For that He placed in human hands the mightiest of all forces--prayer, that so we might b
Quiet Talks on Prayer 13 - A Pen Sketch.
      When God would win back His prodigal world He sent down a Man. That Man while more than man insisted upon being truly a man. He touched human life at every point. No man seems to have understood prayer, and to have prayed as did He. How can we better conclude these quiet talks on prayer than by gathering about His person and studying His habits of
Quiet Talks on Prayer 14 - Dissolving Views.
      Let me rapidily sketch those fifteen mentions of the gospel writers, attempting to keep their chronological order. The first mention is by Luke, in chapter three. The first three gospels all tell of Jesus' double baptism, but it is Luke who adds, "and praying." It was while waiting in prayer that He received the gift of the Holy Spirit. He dared
Quiet Talks on Prayer 15 - Deepening Shadows.
      We shall perhaps understand better some of the remaining prayer incidents if we remember that Jesus is now in the last year of His ministry, the acute state of His experiences with the national leaders preceding the final break. The awful shadow of the cross grows deeper and darker across His path. The hatred of the opposition leader gets constantl
Quiet Talks on Prayer 16 - Under the Olive Trees.
      The twelfth mention is made by Luke, chapter twenty-two. It is Thursday night of Passion week, in the large upper room in Jerusalem where He is celebrating the old Passover feast, and initiating the new memorial feast. But even that hallowed hour is disturbed by the disciples' self-seeking disputes. With the great patience of great love He gives th
Quiet Talks on Prayer 17 - A Composite Picture.
      It may be helpful to make the following summary of these allusions. 1. His times of prayer: His regular habit seems plainly to have been to devote the early morning hour to communion with His Father, and to depend upon that for constant guidance and instruction. This is suggested especially by Mark 1:35; and also by Isaiah 50:4-6 coupled with Jo
Quiet Talks on Prayer 18 - Footnotes
      [1] John 15:16. [2] "Demon Possession," by J. L. Nevius. [3] Psalm 24:1. [4] Psalm 29:10. [5] Genesis 1:26, 28. Psalms 8:6. See quotations of this, referring to the Man who will restore original conditions, in 1 Cor. 15:27. Ephesians 1:32, Hebrews 2:8. Psalms 115:16. [6] John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11. [7] Revelation 11:15. [8] John
BookQuiet Talks On Service - Table Of Contents
       Quiet Talks On Service by S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks on Power," and "Quiet Talks on Prayer" 1906 Contents      Table Of Contents     1. Personal Contact with Jesus: The Beginning of Service     2. The Triple Life: The Perspective of Service     3. Yokefellows: The Rhythm of Service     4. A
Quiet Talks On Service 1 - Personal Contact With Jesus: The Beginning of Service.
      (John i:35-51.) The Beginning of an Endless Friendship. About a quarter of four one afternoon, three young men were standing together on a road leading down to a swift-running river. It was an old road, beaten down hard by thousands of feet through hundreds of years. It led down to the river, and then along its bank through a village scatteri
Quiet Talks On Service 2 - The Triple Life: The Perspective of Service.
      (Luke ix:1-6; x:1-3, 17; John xx:19-23; Matthew xxviii:18-20.) On An Errand for Jesus. You remember there were four times that Jesus picked out a group of men, and sent them on a special errand. About the middle of the second year of His public life, He chose out twelve men and commissioned them for a special bit of work. Six months before th
Quiet Talks On Service 3 - Yokefellows: The Rhythm of Service.
      (Matthew xi. 25-30; Luke x:1, 17, 21-24.) The Master's Invitation. It was about six months before the tragic end that Jesus sent out thirty-five deputations of two each. He was beginning that slow memorable journey south that ended finally at the cross. These men are sent ahead to prepare the way. By and by they return and make a glad exultan
Quiet Talks On Service 4 - A Passion for Winning Men: The Motive-power of Service.
      (Mark vi:30-34.) A Day off. One morning toward the end, in the midst of His busiest campaigning, Jesus was very tired. It is one of the touches of His humanness. So He said to His disciples, "Let us take a day off." And they could see the sense of it. They were tired too. So they got a boat, and boarded her, and set sail, and headed out acros
Quiet Talks On Service 5 - Deep-Sea Fishing: The Ambition of Service.
      (Luke v:1-11.) A Water Haul. Jesus was very fond of the outdoors. The Gospels have a woodsy smell. He taught in the synagogues, but He seemed to prefer the open air. He would go out on a country road, or down by the beach of the Galilean lake, and the people would eagerly gather around Him, and He would talk to them. One morning He had gone d
Quiet Talks On Service 6 - Money: The Golden Channel of Service.
      (Luke xvi:1-18.) [16] Touching a Limitless Circle. There is an inky shadow over the home of God. There is a sharp pain tugging at the heart of God. It's a family matter; a family disgrace. One of God's family has gone off from the home circle and made a bad mess of things. Such an affair is always a source of great grief, especially where the

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