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S.D. Gordon
1859 - 1936

      Samuel Dickey Gordon was a popular speaker and writer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

      He was born in Philadelphia August 12, 1859. As a young man, he was hard working, consecrated and sought the best God had for him. He served as assistant secretary of the Philadelphia Young Men's Christian Association in 1884-86 so efficiently that he became state secretary for the YMCA in Ohio, serving from 1886 to 1895. In this period he developed a quiet style of devotional speaking which was quite the opposite of the powerful forensics which dominated the pulpit style of that period.

      Gordon never lacked for opportunities to preach. He wrote more than two-dozen devotional books, most with the phrase "Quiet Talks" in the title.

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BookQuiet Talks about Jesus - Preface
       Quiet Talks about Jesus by S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks on Power," and "Quiet Talks on Prayer" Contents A Bit Ahead A. The Purpose of Jesus.     1. The Purpose in Jesus' Coming     2. The Plan for Jesus' Coming     3. The Tragic Break in the Plan     4. Some Surprising Results of the Tragic Bre
Quiet Talks about Jesus 1 - The Purpose in Jesus' Coming - part 1
      God Spelling Himself out in Jesus. Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that man can understand. God and man used to talk together freely. But one day man went away from God. And then he went farther away. He left home. He left his native land, Eden, where he lived with God. He emigrated from God. And through going away he lost his moth
Quiet Talks about Jesus 1 - The Purpose in Jesus' Coming - part 2
      Sin's Brood. The second great result of that Eden break has been in the growth of sin. In the seventeenth century after that it was said that man's heart was a breeding place of thoughts whose pictured forms were bad, only bad, with no spots of good, nor spurts of good. A thousand years later, Moses giving the Hebrew tribes the ten commandments,
Quiet Talks about Jesus 2 - The Plan for Jesus' Coming
      The Image of God. Man is God's darling--the king and crown of creation. The whole creation was made for him to develop and rule over and enjoy. He is in a class by himself. When he made his bad break there was just one thing left to do. God must get a new leader for His man to lead him back into all the original plan for himself. Of the whole ea
Quiet Talks about Jesus 3 - The Tragic Break in the Plan - part 1
      The Jerusalem Climate. Then Jesus came. His coming was greeted with great gladness above, and great silence below. Above, the stars sent a special messenger to bid Him welcome to the earth they lightened and brightened. Below, the rusty hinges of earth's inn refused to swing for Him. So man failing, the lower creation shared room with Him. Ab
Quiet Talks about Jesus 3 - The Tragic Break in the Plan - part 2
      That tremendous last week now begins. Jesus is seen to be the one masterly figure in the week's events. In comparison with His calm steady movements, these leaders run scurrying around, here and there, like headless hens. The week begins with the most public, formal presentation of Himself in a kingly fashion to the nation. It is their last chance.
Quiet Talks about Jesus 4 - Some Surprising Results of the Tragic Break
      The Surprised Jew. God proposes. Man disposes. God proposed a king, and a world-wide kingdom with great prosperity and peace. Man disposed of that plan for the bit of time and space controlled by his will, and in its place interposed for the king, a cross. Out of such a radical clashing of two great wills have come some most surprising results.
Quiet Talks about Jesus 5 - The Human Jesus
      God's Meaning of "Human." Jesus is God becoming man's fellow. He comes down by his side and says, "Let's pull up together." Jesus was a man. He was as truly human as though only human. We are apt to go at a thing from the outside. God always reaches within, and fastens His hook there. He finds the solution of every problem within itself. When He
Quiet Talks about Jesus 6 - The Divine Jesus
      Jehovah--Jesus. Of all the men who knew Jesus intimately John stands first and highest. He misunderstood for a time. He failed to understand, as did the others. He did not approach the keen insight into Jesus' being and purpose that Mary of Bethany did. But, then, she was a woman. He was a man. Other things being equal (though they almost never
Quiet Talks about Jesus 7 - The Winsome Jesus
      The Face of Jesus Jesus was God letting man see the beauty of His face and listen to the music of His voice, and feel the irresistibly gentle drawing power of His presence. Jesus was very winsome. He drew men. He said that if He were lifted up He would draw men. They who heard that could believe it, for He drew them before He was lifted up. He d
Quiet Talks about Jesus 8 - The Jordan: The Decisive Start
      The Anvil of Experience. Experience is going through a thing yourself, and having it go through you. And "through" here means not as a spear is thrust through a man's body, piercing it, but as fire goes through that which it takes hold of, permeating; as an odor goes through a house, pervading it. A man knows only what he experiences; what he
Quiet Talks about Jesus 9 - The Wilderness: Temptation
      The University of Arabia. The Jordan led to the Wilderness by a straight road. A first step without slipping leads to the second. Victory opens the way to fresh struggles for higher victories. The perfect naturalness of Jesus is revealed here, His human naturalness. He had taken the decisive step into the Jordan waters. And while absorbed in pra
Quiet Talks about Jesus 10 - The Transfiguration: An Emergency Measure
      God in Sore Straits. The darkest hour save only one has now come in Jesus' life. And that one which was actually darkest, in every way, from every view-point darkest, had in it some gleams of light that are not here. Jesus is now a fugitive from the province of Judea. The death plot has been settled upon. There's a ban in Jerusalem on His follow
Quiet Talks about Jesus 11 - Gethsemane: The Strange, Lone Struggle
      The Pathway In. Great events always send messengers ahead. There is a movement in the spirit currents. A sort of tremor of expectancy affects the finer currents of air. The more sensitively organized one is, that is to say, the more the spirit part of a man dominates body and mind, the more conscious will he be of the something coming. Jesus
Quiet Talks about Jesus 12 - Calvary: Victory
      Yielding to Arrest. It is probably close to midnight when Jesus steps out from among the trees to meet the crowds headed by the traitor. He knew they were coming, and quietly goes to meet them. There is a great rabble that the chief priests had drummed up, a city rabble with Roman soldiers, some of the chief priests' circle, and in the lead of a
Quiet Talks about Jesus 13 - The Resurrection: Gravity Upward
      A New Morning. It was near the dawning of a new morning, the morning of a new day destined to be a great day. While yet dark there come a number of women out of the city gate toward the tomb where Jesus' body had been laid. They carry spices and ointment. With woman's ever tender thoughtfulness they are bent upon some kindly service for that pre
Quiet Talks about Jesus 14 - The Ascension: Back Home Again Until----
      Tarry Ye--Go Ye. One day the disciples and followers of Jesus had met in Jerusalem, when Jesus Himself came again in their midst and talked with them quite a bit. He said particularly that they were not to leave Jerusalem, but wait there. In a few days the Holy Spirit would come upon them, and they were to wait until He came. Then He asked them
Quiet Talks about Jesus 15 - Study Notes
      Analysis and References The spirit-key to an understanding of God's Word is surrender of will and life to His mastery. "He that is willing to do His will will know of the teaching." The mental-key to a grasp of the contents of that Book is habitual broad reading. It cannot be too insistently insisted upon that wide reading from end to end of the
BookQuiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Preface
       Some Principles of Healing as taught in God's Word, directly and indirectly: 1) It is God's first will that men be pure in heart, clear in mind, strong in purpose, gentle and content in spirit, poised in judgment, happy in circumstances, and strong and well in body. 2) God does not send disease. It comes through some disobedience of the
Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 1: The Christ Healing
       Humanly Impossible Christ did impossible things, when He was down here. That is, they were impossible to others. He did them. They were things that needed to be done. Men were helped by them. The tug of living was eased, and more. It took power to do them. It took a power more than the natural power men were familiar with. Others didn't do the

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