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BookQuiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 2: Is It Christ's Will To Heal Our Bodies To-Day?
       The World Is Sick Is it Christ's will to heal our bodies of sickness and disease and weakness to-day? He can, of course He has the power Is He willing to do it? Does He think it wise to? Is it part of His plan for us at the present time . There is need enough surely, so far as that goes. And surely that must go far with God. The race is sick t
Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 3: Does God Send Sickness And Disease?
       Essentials and Incidentals Christ was a man of power, and is. This is His distinctive characteristic. It was power under the driving control of love, and is. The religion of Christ is a religion of power. This is its outstanding feature. It was through this that it won its way in the beginning, in the bitter competition with old entrenched rel
Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 4: How Does Christ Heal? The Conditions, The Method, The Use Of Means
       Natural and Supernatural God is chary of the supernatural. He is lavish in nature. Nature is God in action. He loves nature's roads. He made them. He prefers them. He will not hesitate for a moment to do the supernatural when the need calls for it. He will do a fresh act of creation, pure direct creation, before a single line of His Word is al
Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 5: How Far May Christ's Healing Be Expected? Christ's Giving and Man's Taking
       Healed but Limping How far may Christ's power be expected to meet our bodily needs? We commonly say that there is no limit to His power to meet our spiritual needs. Is there a limit in our bodily needs? There is, of course, no limit to Christ's power. It seems to be a matter of His willingness, what He thinks it is best or wisest to do for us
Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 6: The Human Side Of Healing And Health
       Health? or Healing Health is more than healing. There's more of it. It calls for more of the Creator's power. It means more to a man. And it will be the means of greater spiritual blessing if things are as they were meant to be. The task of keeping men in health, even as much health as they have, is immeasurably greater than healing all who ne
Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: Chapter 7: God's School Of Suffering: Can We Hasten Graduation Day?
       Guard Your Strong Points Experience is the best teacher, and charges the biggest fee. It insists on being paid, day by day, as you go along. No book accounts allowed, nor credits. You don't pay in cheap stuff like gold and engraved paper and checks. No, you pay in blood and sweat. You pay in your own life given slowly out, sometimes painfully
BookQuiet Talks on Following the Christ - Preface
       Quiet Talks on Following the Christ By S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks On Power," "Quiet Talks on Prayer," "Quiet Talks On Our Lord's Return," etc. New York Chicago Toronto Fleming H. Revell Company London and Edinburgh Copyright, 1913, by Fleming H. Revell Company Contents Introduction A. Following the Chris
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 1 - The Lone Man Who Went Before - part 1
      A Call to Friendship. One day I watched two young men, a Japanese and an American, pacing the deck of a Japanese liner bound for San Francisco. Their heads were close together and bent down, and they were talking earnestly. The Japanese was saying, "Oh, yes, I believe all that as a theory, but is there power to make a man live it?" He was an
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 1 - The Lone Man Who Went Before - part 2
      A Father-pleasing Life. The second trait in His upward relation was this--He chose to live a Father-pleasing life. I use those words because He used them.[10] I might say "consecrated" or "dedicated" or "surrendered" or other like words. And these are good words, but in common use we have largely lost their meaning. They are used unthinkingly fo
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 2 - The Long, Rough Road He Trod
      The Book's Story. It wasn't always a rough road, of course. But as you look at it from end to end, the roughness of it is what takes your eye most, and takes great hold of your heart. The smooth places here and there make you feel that it was a rough road. And yet, rough though it really was, the roughness was eased by the love in the heart of t
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 3 - The Pleading Call To Follow
      Hungry for the Human Touch. God hungers for the human touch. There's an inner hesitancy in saying this, and in hearing it. We feel it can hardly be so, even though our inner hearts would wish it were so. We know that we men hunger for the human touch, the strongest of us. And in our hour of sore need we know that our inner hearts look up, and
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 4 - A Look Ahead
      Saltless Salt. The Lord Jesus never tried to make things look easier than they are. He wanted you to see the road just as it is, and asked you to look at it carefully. He knew this was the only right way to do. He knew that so the sinews would be grown in character that would stand the tests coming, and only so. It was never His plan to incre
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 5 - The Main Road--Experiences of Power And Privilege
      The Bethlehem Birth. There were four of these experiences in our Lord's life. At the very beginning came the Bethlehem Birth. That meant for Him a birth out of the usual course of nature, yet working within nature's usual processes. It was something more-than-the-natural coming down into the natural. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon the pu
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 6 - The Valleys--experiences of Suffering And Sacrifice - part 1
      The Never-absent Minor. Here the road begins to drop down into the valleys. It runs sharply down, and on, through some wild gulches and ravines thick with lurking danger, with the upper-lights almost lost in the deep black darkness. It is darkness that can be felt more than the Egyptian darkness ever was. It proves to be the valley of the shadow
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 6 - The Valleys--experiences of Suffering And Sacrifice - part 2
      The Underground Road. And hard following this came the Burial in Joseph's Tomb. "Christ died for our sins and ... He was buried."[78] "Joseph took the body, ... and laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock, and he rolled a great stone to the door of the tomb."[79] "The chief priests and the Pharisees ... went, and made the
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 7 - The Hilltops--Experiences of Gladness and Glory
      Valley Music. There was a third group of experiences in our Lord Jesus' life. But it will be good for us to remember that the third comes after the second. There can be no third until there has been a second. It is impossible to take first and third and omit the second. The third can come only after the second. There can be experiences of gladne
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 8 - Shall We Go?
      The Deeper Meaning of Friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Our Lord Jesus was our friend in our need. It was a desperate need. It could not be worse. We had been badly hurt by sin. The hurt was so bad that we could do nothing without help. Our Lord Jesus came to our help. It was not easy for Him to be our friend. Friendship is som
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 9 - Finger-Posts
      The Parable of the Finger-Posts. Waiting is harder work than working. It takes more out of you. And it puts more into you, too, of fine-grained, steady strength, if you can stand the strain of it. And if, to the waiting is added perplexity, the pull upon your strength is much greater. It is harder to hold steady, and not break. And if the thing
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 10 - Fellow-Followers
      God's Problem. God needs men. That is the tremendous fact that stands out in every generation. There never has been a corner since Adam walked out of Eden where that need was not thrust into some man's face, and thrust into God's face. It is being thrust into our faces to-day as ever before, and as never before. For the ends of the earth are com
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ 11 - The Glory Of The Goal,--Face to Face
      "With You Always.". Have you ever seen Christ? No, I don't mean have you been to some uplifting convention, and been tremendously caught by some talented, earnest speaker, and been swayed by the atmosphere of the hour and place, and felt that all was not just as it should be with you; and then you prayed more, and made some new resolves, or re-m

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