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George Ridout
1870 - 1954

      George Whitefield Ridout was born in St. John's Newfoundland. He went to Boston, Massachusetts, as a young man and was educated at Temple University. He served as Professor of Theology at Upland, Indiana. He served as Chaplain with the 38th Regiment in France during World War I. Following the war he accepted the Chair of Theology as Asbury College where he remained until 1927.

      Following his teaching service at Asbury, Dr. Ridout, entered missionary and evangelistic work and traveled extensively in Japan, China, India, Africa, and South America. He was widely known in the holiness camp meetings and churches of the United States. For more than thirty years he wrote a weekly page for the Herald (Pentecostal Herald), published at Louisville, Kentucky. His writings also appeared in other holiness papers including the Advocate. He wrote several books, among them "The Cross and the Flag," "Amazing Grace," and "The Power of the Holy Spirit." He was a member of the British Philosophic Society and a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

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PamphletHenry Clay Morrison -- Prophet, Warrior, Orator
       HENRY CLAY MORRISON -- PROPHET, WARRIOR, ORATOR By George Whitefield Ridout OUTSIDE BACK COVER TEXT Those men who are clamoring for a new theology, new truth, and a new gospel, do not know in their hearts, the power of the old theology, the old truth, the old gospel. The revelation contained in the Scriptures, the laws of Mose
The Beauty of Holiness - Table of Contents
       THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS By George Whitefield Ridout "Holiness is power. It utilizes ability, fertilizes the soul and energizes the whole man. Holiness is God's power with man and man's power with God. -- Cecil INTRODUCTION "The beauties of the earth and sky may change, the highest, sweetest forms of beauty in the human face divin
PamphletThe Black Prophet Harris of Africa
       THE BLACK PROPHET HARRIS OF AFRICA A Second Sammy Morris By George Whitefield Ridout INSIDE FRONT-BACK COVER TEXT The Black Prophet Harris Of Africa The man who, without any training or earthly calling, obeyed the call of God to preach and evangelize among the tribes of Africa. Wins 50,000 souls for Christ. This is a s
The Cross and Flag - Table of Contents
       THE CROSS AND FLAG WW I EXPERIENCES By George Whitefield Ridout Methodist Minister Overseas YMCA Secretary Pentecostal Publishing Company, Louisville, Ky. Printed Book: Copyright 1919 By Pentecostal Publishing Company DEDICATION To my wife who with great bravery bore my going to war, and with a beautiful spirit carried all the responsi
PamphletThe Deadly Fallacy of Russellism or Millennial Dawnism
       THE DEADLY FALLACY OF RUSSELLISM OR MILLENNIAL DAWNISM By George Whitefield Ridout RUSSELLISM REVEALED AS A COUNTERFEIT OF CHRISTIANITY It: (R)-obs Christ of His Deity, ("Studies in the Scriptures," Vol. V., pages 84 and 88). (U)-nblushingly contradicts His plain statements concerning the eternal punishment of the wick
PamphletThe Deadly Fallacy of Seventh Day Adventism
       THE DEADLY FALLACY OF SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISM By George Whitefield Ridout Its Fanaticism Exposed Its Absurd Claims Examined Its Methods Investigated Its False Teachings Denounced SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISM Like other cults and fallacies Seventh Day Adventism was conceived in ignorance and born of presumption. William Miller was reare
PamphletThe Witness of the Spirit: Introduction & Foreward
       THE WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT As Taught by the Wesleys and the Early Church By George Whitefield Ridout Cor. Editor of the Pentecostal Herald INTRODUCTION We need a revival of the doctrines of the "Witness of the Spirit" and "Entire Sanctification." This book sets forth important aspects of these experiences, and I believe it will stir ma
The Witness of the Spirit: Part 1 - The Witness of the Spirit
      In these closing days of the Church Age, surrounded by a fearful "falling away" from Bible standards and the teaching of the early Christian church, we are prone to forget or neglect to hold rigidly to the foundation doctrines that were blessed to the fathers. We have an unchanging God, who says, "My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing
The Witness of the Spirit: Part 2 - How a State of Entire Sanctification may be Retained
      The following is quoted from the book "Perfect Love" by Rev. J. A. Wood: "There are many who once enjoyed the blessing of perfect love who have now lost it. Some have received it several times, and, after all, are now without it. "The conditions of retaining perfect love, like the conditions of retaining justification, are the same as those by wh

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