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The Beauty of Holiness

By George Ridout

Table of Contents

   Introduction - THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS By George Whitefield Ridout "Holiness is power. It utilizes ability, fertilizes the soul and energizes the whole man.
   1 - Is the Beauty of Purity - As pure Light is composed of seven colors, so the holiness of the perfect Christian character is composed of a number of distinct and beautiful virtue
   2 - Is the Beauty of Divine Union - In Divine Union the soul is brought into a sweet and mysterious nearness and union with God. It would hardly be too much to say that the soul has, in
   3 - Is the Beauty of Humility - "Where there is holiness there is Humility. It is a Christian grace hard to define, but which implies at least a quiet and subdued, a meek and forbear
   4 - Is the Beauty of Christlikeness - Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me. Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
   5 - Is the Beauty of Consecration - Consecration does not mean the giving up of our sins or vices or depraved appetites, or forbidden indulgences; these things we renounce, cut out, abju
   6 - Is the Beauty of Love - "Love is the one kind of holiness existing in different degrees in various believers," said an old writer. Holiness has been described as Perfect Love
   7 - Is the Beauty of Perfection - "The unceasing and steady aim of every Christian should be perfection -- perfection in all things and in his submission to the will of God. No man can

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