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The Cross and Flag

By George Ridout

Table of Contents

   Dedication - THE CROSS AND FLAG WW I EXPERIENCES By George Whitefield Ridout Methodist Minister Overseas YMCA Secretary Pentecostal Publishing Company, Louis
   Chapter 1 - Departure - When the war between Germany and America broke out I was on the Theological staff of Taylor University. With the declaration of war there was great ex
   Chapter 2 - A London Air Raid - I had been in London twice before -- in peace times. It was a visibly different London now with the war on, but with all its sufferings, limitations,
   Chapter 3 - The Battle of the Skies in Paris - While the war was on, when one started for Europe, from the moment he put steps on shipboard until the armistice was signed, there was absolutely no r
   Chapter 4 - My First Religious Work in France - My first assignment took me to a large Quartermasters Headquarters Camp at Gievres lying between Tours and Blois. It was what was known as an Intermed
   Chapter 5 - Doing Field Work on Historic Soil - I was assigned by the director of religious work in Paris, to do some preaching and lecture work up the Marne where Joffre and Foch made history in 19
   Chapter 6 - The Story of a Little French Village - It was the little village of Montribourg not far from Chaumonth, the headquarters of the American Army in France. Troops of the Third Battalion, Thirt
   Chapter 7 - The Story of John Grace of the Army - When the war broke out John Grace was in school preparing for his life work as a minister of the gospel. He was the only son of his mother and she was
   Chapter 8 - Under Fire - While on our way to the front the German's were putting across another great offensive and Paris was once again put in great danger. Once our train wa
   Chapter 9 - Chateau Thierry - We have seen the army behind the lines in the great base camps where seldom a gun is heard and only rarely an airplane was to be seen. We have seen th
   Chapter 10 - Moving Toward the Battle Lines - After leaving Chezy we were marched into Courban where we tarried for over a week. It was here we had our first gas alarm. The enemy was shelling us w
   Chapter 11 - My Baptism of Fire - Since writing my last I have had an experience that will be engraven upon my memory as. long as that faculty continues to exist. I have often read of
   Chapter 12 - The Second Battle of the Marne - In the previous chapter I have described some thrilling experiences I had at the battle of the Marne, July 15th. At one time during that battle I was
   Chapter 13 - After the Battle - The Battle of the Marne, or Chateau Thierry, of July 15, was unquestionably one of the decisive battles of the war. The 38th Regiment, during that eng
   Chapter 14 - Fletcher Benson - Fletcher Benson was a good fellow, well built physically, strong in mind, had a tender heart and was whole-souled. He knew God in a sound conversion w
   Chapter 15 - Peace - When I left home Christmas day, 1917, I thought I was going on a two years' service. The great German offensive and success of March, 1918, indicated
   Chapter 16 - Preaching the Gospel in Germany - At this writing I am in Germany working with the troops of the Army of Occupation. For a few days, including Sunday, I was with the Rainbow Division.
   Chapter 17 - Some Messages of the War - "Be sure your sin will find you out." Num. 32 -23. The nation that is proving this text true today in terms of suffering, sorrow and bitterness, is Ge
   Chapter 18 - Joan of Arc - On a beautiful August afternoon while our Division was out at rest after going through the Marne campaign, I went in a Ford through the Joan of Are co
   Chapter 19 - Consecration as Illustrated by the War - Rom. 12:1 "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which
   Chapter 20 - Some Interesting People I Met During and After the War - First let me mention my friends Crawford and Skinner, who were fellow travelers on the same steamer with me in crossing the Atlantic. Mr. Crawford was
   Chapter 21 - The Havoc of War, and After - I hate war! Be it far from me to glorify it. War has been responsible for the greatest calamities that have befallen humanity. War has brought more cr

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