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Job Scott

       Job Scott, of Providence, Rhode Island, died in Ireland of smallpox after 19 years of ministry, leaving manuscripts that he felt still needed editing; his yearly meeting (New England) published his Journal much abridged in 1797. A slightly fuller version appeared in 1815, with most of Scott's doctrinal commentary still omitted. Publication of the doctrinal writings was repeatedly considered by the meeting, but "though the general tenor of the pieces has had the manifestation of unity," yet "for want of satisfactory evidence that the present is a suitable time," the subject was tabled.1 Scott's original manuscripts, however, were in the hands of his father-in-law, Daniel Anthony, who provided them to John Comly for the purpose of making a neat and legible copy. Other Friends made copies, and a demand for their publication grew.

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BookOn Salvation by Christ: Preface
       ESSAYS On Salvation by Christ by JOB SCOTT and the debate which followed their publication I have preserved a Journal of my whole life. There are some things therein, that I am fully persuaded are true in the visions of God; but which many of the wise, even in our Society, cannot receive, so as feelingly to approve and promote. Some think
On Salvation by Christ: Part 1 - Remarks Upon the Nature of Salvation by Christ
       SHOWING THAT IT IS A BIRTH OF DIVINE LIFE IN MAN Known long before the appearance of our Lord in that body that was born of the virgin Mary, in which he did the Father's will and exemplified and displayed the way and work of salvation as a union of God and man:--a work of God in man, and of man by God, in a blessed harmony and cooperation. The
On Salvation by Christ: Part 2 - Some Openings of Truth
       IN REGARD TO THE DOCTRINES OF THE SCRIPTURES Mostly such as God has given me by his own Holy Spirit, which "searcheth all things; yea; the deep things of God" Matthew chap. 1, ver. 1: "The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham." Christ is not only the son of David, and David the son of Abraham; but Ch
On Salvation by Christ: Part 3 - Salvation by Jesus Christ, The Most Important of all Subjects, Further Considered
      I am as well assured there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we can be saved, but by the name of Jesus Christ, as I am of any doctrine whatever. And yet the true ground and nature of this salvation appears to me to be generally mistaken by the professors of the Christian religion in our day. The Christian religion did not the
On Salvation by Christ: Part 4 - A Letter From a Friend in America
       A LETTER FROM A FRIEND IN AMERICA to LUKE HOWARD OF TOTTENHAM, NEAR LONDON, in which the character of our late friend, JOB SCOTT IS VINDICATED AND DEFENDED, and his Doctrines shown to be consistent with Scripture and sound reason. in reply to a letter addressed by Luke Howard to the Author Am I therefore become your Enemy because I tel
On Salvation by Christ: Part 5 - An Expose of Some of the Misrepresentations
       AN EXPOSE OF SOME OF THE MISREPRESENTATIONS contained in a pamphlet, entitled A Letter from a Friend in America to Luke Howard, of Tottenham, near London [Philadelphia, 1826] An anonymous pamphlet has recently made its appearance in this city, entitled "A Letter from a Friend in America to Luke Howard of Tottenham, near London; in which t
On Salvation by Christ: Part 6 - The Friend
      SIXTH MONTH 4, 1881 Our attention has been called to a work, entitled Salvation by Christ, written by that eminent minister of the Gospel Job Scott, who died in the year 1793 at Ballitore, in Ireland, having crossed the ocean on a religious visit. Job Scott's Journal was subsequently published, with the sanction of his friends at home, and widely
On Salvation by Christ: Part 7 - Job Scott on Salvation
       SUPPRESSED BY FRIENDS and PUBLISHED BY GEO. PITT Vindication of, and Motives for Publishing, being a Reply to an Article in Philadelphia "Friend" 1881 INTRODUCTION My notice having been called by several Friends to a leading article in Philadelphia Friend, of 6th Mo. 4th, 1881, respecting Job Scott's treatise on "Salvation by Christ"--the
On Salvation by Christ: Part 8 - Job Scott's Last Epistle
       Last Letter from Ireland. 14th of 11th month, 1793 Dearly beloved parents (all three), brothers and sisters, relations and friends, I am now at Ballitore, twenty-eight Irish miles from Dublin, and I suppose undoubtedly entered five days into the smallpox; the eruption began yesterday, and is very greatly increased today. I am very agreeably at
ArticleOn Stumbling Due to the Faults of Others.
       FROM AN EPISTLE OF TENDER CAUTION, ETC. Friends' Intelligencer, Vol. XI (1854), pages 210-211. I have no desire to write one word on this occasion, but that may be of use, and tend to strengthen those desires and strivings, which the Lord of Hosts delights in. Therefore, I desire that all prejudice may be laid aside, and my words weighted
ArticleThe Faith and Patience of the Saints
       THE FAITH AND PATIENCE OF THE SAINTS DISPLAYED, IN THEIR NOT MAKING USE OF CARNAL WEAPONS IN THEIR OWN DEFENSE. The Works of that Eminent Minister of the Gospel, Job Scott, Late of Providence, Rhode Island, Vol. II. Philadelphia: John Comly, 1831, pages 244-271. I suppose it is an indisputable truth, granted by all, that Christians, for

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