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Jesse Morrell

      Jesse Morrell is an open air preacher. Morrell is an itinerant preacher for Open Air Outreach, an organization that seeks to spread its literal interpretation of Christian moral teachings far and wide, using the open air of the public domain as its vehicle. He travels around and does evangelism at college campuses throughout the US. In addition he travels to churches and preaches indoors occasionally.

      Morrell hails from New Haven originally, where as an adolescent, he was a drug-addict, dealer, and juvenile delinquent. By the age of 16, he had collected two felonies and had already made multiple trips to Juvenile Court on Whalley Avenue. But Morrell’s life was sharply rerouted when, while in juvenile detention, he met a preacher who introduced him to the Gospel and he was converted.

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ArticleAs in the Days of Noah
      One day I had gone down to the green right next to Yale University in New Haven to preach. After preaching a few times I started to get a little discouraged because of the people's reactions or should I say lack there of. Right when I finished preaching, everyone went right back to talk about the idle things they spoke about before. Eternity was no
ArticleBrethren Beware
      In a day that is calling for unity, is there a place for separation? Is there a reason to the worldliness of the church? Why do many professing Christians sin so much? We tread on dangerous grounds, with dangerous people, during dangerous times so how should we guard ourselves? Never in this life will you see a zebra walking side to side with a
ArticleDavid Brainerd
      Hebrews Chapter 11 is the hall of fame for Christians. It is tremendously moving to read about the possibilities of faith. The men listed in the hall of fame overcame remarkably huge obstacles for the glory of God by faith. Faith can move mountains and dry up rivers. Faith weakens the devil and strengthens the Christians. Faith is what makes a hero
PoemDays of Noah
      As in the days of Noah my people sin. I stand to preach, they scornfully grin. They laugh and mock at all my words, I long for one to heed my urge. While they sing and dance and play their songs; I utterly refuse to go along. I pray and hope one day their gladness will be turned to utter sadness. God longs for them to turn and fle
ArticleDeserted to the Desert
      Lonely Lane is a hard road to travel on. It's always been hard, still is hard, and forever will be hard. Only the toughest and the greatest have gone on it. With all the group studies and the fellowship dinners it is easy to stay around people all the time and therefore harder to get alone with God. Social Street, Popularity Place, and Entertainmen
ArticleDoes Man Have a Sinful Nature
       Whenever the topic of human nature is brought up, the question about man's natural tendency is usually introduced to the discussion. Just as natural inability is commonly used by sinners as an excuse for sinning, so also a "sinful nature" is a common excuse that I regularly hear from sinners when witnessing. Instead of taking full responsibility
ArticleGuilty as Charged (my testimony)
      It was another day in court. By now it had all become routine to me. There were shackles around my legs which made it hurt when I walked and a big chain around my waste which my wrists were cuffed to. Only one thought was going through my mind while I was sitting in the small room behind the court with all the other criminals. It was the same thoug
ArticleHearts of Love and Eyes with Tears
      In the day and age in which we live we have a great deal of things. Many of us have nice jobs which provide for our nice homes and our nice cars. We have lovely little churches on every corner that work tirelessly to accommodate our weekly social needs. Yet in a day of such physical prosperity, there is much spiritual bankruptcy. How many of those
      They say it's hard--impossible, But Lord I have to try. My soul longs for your holiness, Please give it else I did. The road is rough, the road is long, But I count not the cost. I need to wrap in thy holiness Or else I fear I'm lost. None of me, and all of you, That is what I need. To be like you I need your strength For that is wha
ArticleHudson Taylor
       In the beginning -1832 James Taylor and Maria Taylor, Yorkshire England, prayed "Dear God, If you should give us a son, grant that he may work for you in china. -Hudson Taylor born May 21, 1832 -Born into a Methodist family -Hudson wanted to be a china missionary without knowledge of his parent's prayers. -Converted at age 17, afte
ArticleModern Modernizing
      You may notice a lot of modernization happening in the church. We modernize our music, we modernize our methods, and we modernize our messages. In which ways is this helping Christianity and likewise which ways could this bring us away from Christianity? What are the pros and cons of this modern modernizing? Music Naturally we want to updat
PoemPurify Us
      Purify us, oh Lord, according to your grace. Cleanse us of our worldliness, so we can seek your face. You set our sins before our eyes, so we may turn or burn. May we reject the counsel of the mockers, so we can truly learn. We need you, my God, to bring us to the light. For you alone are wise oh King, so teach us how to fight. The Christia
ArticleThe Burden of the Lord
      "We want people that God can share His burdens with. 'O, roll your burden on the Lord.' Who does He roll His burdens on?....Get to the place where you say 'God what's your burden for me in life?" Leonard Ravenhill. If any disciple does not ask our Lord this question then his discipleship is in question. I asked the Lord this question numerous times
PoemThe Closer That I Walk
      The closer that I walk with thee, the more suffering I am sure to see. As I follow in thy ways, the more I'll know how much you paid. The closer that I walk with thee, the more of your love I feel on me. As I follow in thy ways, the more I long to give you praise. The closer that I walk with thee, the more I wonder how c
ArticleThe Glory of God
      Psalms 4:2-3 says "How long, O you sons of men, will you turn my glory to shame? How long will you seek worthlessness and seek falsehood? But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly." Just as a worker deserves his wages, so God deserves His Glory. God Himself came down from Heaven to the earth in humility to give life to a
PoemThe Wilderness
      To the wilderness your Spirit leads So not on bread but on your Word I'll feed. Away from all I love and know To obey your call, I have to go. Temptations come to test my will, This nature of mine you'll have to kill. Lord, send the fire, the consuming fire. Burn away my sinful desire. To walk with you as Enoch had. To leave the world
ArticleTruth is Fallen in the Streets
      In our own streets today you certainly don't have to look very long to see an empty drug bag on the ground. These tiny bags pave our streets. If you open your ears you don't have to listen very long until you hear some fowl music coming out of a car full blast to pollute our minds and our air. Look around to the bill boards and into the store windo

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