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Purify Us

By Jesse Morrell

      Purify us, oh Lord, according to your grace.
      Cleanse us of our worldliness, so we can seek your face.
      You set our sins before our eyes, so we may turn or burn.
      May we reject the counsel of the mockers, so we can truly learn.

      We need you, my God, to bring us to the light.
      For you alone are wise oh King, so teach us how to fight.
      The Christians life is a battle, yes it is a war.
      And yet this life is awesome, there's nothing I'd trade it for.

      We've filled our bodies with candy, when we needed meat.
      Prepare our spirits for the battle, so we won't know defeat.
      Give us courage; give us strength, so that we will not die.
      But still the greatest tragedy of them all would be if we don't try.

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