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Hearts of Love and Eyes with Tears

By Jesse Morrell

      In the day and age in which we live we have a great deal of things. Many of us have nice jobs which provide for our nice homes and our nice cars. We have lovely little churches on every corner that work tirelessly to accommodate our weekly social needs. Yet in a day of such physical prosperity, there is much spiritual bankruptcy. How many of those who go to church on Sunday are also at the club on Fridays? Let us get honest. We have hearts of sin and eyes of lust but I am telling you that the Lord is calling us to have hearts of love and eyes with tears!

      Jesus wept over that which He loved and He weeps for us today because we are not weeping for ourselves. How can it be that our hearts are not in torments living in this mad world where the single greatest threat to an unborn child is its own parents? How do our hearts not ache over the thousands of souls who have yet come to even an understanding of the gospel? May our hearts fill with the love of God and may our eyes flow with the tears of God! May we be the open channel in which God can transform the world! I have soaked myself in many tears in public and private. Even while preaching open air I have cried in front of those perishing souls who are heading for the wrath of a Holy God. But it is going to take more! Forgive me for being the one who says it but whatever we have been doing hasn't been working.

      In the early days of the Salvation Army certain women tried everything they could and labored every way they knew how to until they finally were on the verge of quitting their work all together. Then William Booth sent them two words: "Try tears." They did and they saw revival. Church lets try the one thing we haven't yet tried. Lets finally do the one thing we've been avoiding. Let's try tears. Wake up! Is it possible that the only reason your own neighbor hood is going to hell is because you've been sleeping when you should have been weeping? Come on let us answer the question.

      Make sure you hear me correctly: if anyone should have secrets it's Christians. Let the hypocritical showmen do as they please parading themselves all around. They have their reward. But let us live secret lives of prayer which is known only to God. It is the private prayers of the Saints and not the public ministries of the showmen that deliver souls from death. I don't believe in making promises that I can not keep and neither does God. You have God's promise that if you sow in tears, you will reap in joy. Let's take God up on the deal.

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