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The Burden of the Lord

By Jesse Morrell

      "We want people that God can share His burdens with. 'O, roll your burden on the Lord.' Who does He roll His burdens on?....Get to the place where you say 'God what's your burden for me in life?" Leonard Ravenhill. If any disciple does not ask our Lord this question then his discipleship is in question. I asked the Lord this question numerous times and I continually received the same answer. "Preach the gospel."

      Do you know what the Lords burden is for you in your life? What are you going to work for? Like the scripture says "what is your life?" The fire is going to try every believer's works. I had a thought once while I was on a plane looking out on all the houses. How many of us only work for money, for a nice home, for a nice car, for nice things? When the fire comes to these things I guarantee they are going to burn and many will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the life they have wasted. Maybe the one thing the church has forgotten is eternity. In the site of eternity is what you're laboring for going to matter? Do the angels get excited about what you're doing?

      Can the Lord give you His burdens or do you just shove them back at Him? The Lord was able to share them with His prophets. It says "The burden of the Lord came to....(Nahum 1:1, Habakkuk 1:1, Malachi 1:1, Zechariah 9:1,KJV) Has the burden of the Lord come to you? Have you tossed and turned and sweated at night because the multitudes are going to hell? Do you cry and get angry at the fact that Satan is playing monopoly with the souls of men? What will you do? How will your life matter? Let us all live with eternities values in view. May the Lords priorities be our priorities and His burdens be ours.

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