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The Cry for Revival
      IT IS INTERESTING to notice the time when this prayer was offered. It was a time of mercy. "Lord thou hast been favorable unto thy land". It was a time when God had led many to the knowledge of Christ, and covered many sins. "thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people." It was now they began to feel their need of another visit of mercy -- "Wilt

The Eternal Torment Of The Wicked
      THE FIRST THING TO be enquired into in these words is, no are the persons who sing this remarkable song? There are much people in heaven: verse 1, '1 heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; salvation and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God.' They are the same people that are spoken to in the 20th verse of the

The Free Obedience Of Christ
      The death of Christ is, my friends, the most wonderful event past, present, or future in the whole universe. It is so in the eye of God - 'Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life.' There is nothing in the whole world so lovely as his Son. It is not only for his Godhead, but on account of his manhood, through which he laid down

The Hireling And The True Shepherd
      IN OUR FIRST LECTURE' we saw that the people did not understand Christ. There were two things that they did not understand. The first thing that they did not seem to understand was the door of the sheepfold; the second, who the shepherd was. And we saw last Sabbath that he explained to them what the sheepfold was. And now he begins to show who the

The Lord's Dealings With His People
      There are times in the, life of a believer when he is like a traveller who has arrived at some high eminence; he can look back on the way he has gone and the way he has yet to go. So this is a passage where God tells us what he has done and what he will yet do. The history of a believer is wonderful, whether we look backward or forward. If we look

The Mental Agonies Of Hell
      FIRST, OBSERVE, the manner in which Paul sought the kingdom of heaven. Verse 26, 'I therefore so run not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air.' Although that Paul wrote these words he had a full assurance of heavenly love. it was many years after his conversion on his way to Damascus; and I am sure, if any one had assurance o

The Mighty Conqueror
      I BELIEVE, DEAR FRIENDS, that this passage describes the great last controversy Christ will have with this world. He has had many a controversy with it, but the last will be the greatest of all; so that it is called 'the supper of the great God' (Revelation 19:17). Now, it is interesting to notice that this last conflict will be about his kingly of

The Pilgrim's Staff
      MY BELOVED FRIENDS, let us notice, in the first place, the history of this remarkable promise: 'I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.' These words have been a staff in the hand of believers throughout all ages; and they will be so to you, if you lean upon them. First of all, let us trace the history of this promise. You will notice that it

The Salvation Of God
      THIS IS ONE OF THE SWEETEST portions of the Word of God, and yet it strikes me that it is seldom understood. I observe that it is very frequently one of the devil's plans to prevent a proper understanding of these passages of the Word of God that are he sweetest and plainest, and thus to turn the honey into gall. Now, this passage is often understo

The Saviour's Tears Over The Lost
      JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, today, and for ever. He is the same Saviour now that he was that day when he wept over Jerusalem. If he were on earth now as he was then, I have no doubt but that there are many here tonight over whom he would weep, as he did over impenitent Jerusalem. I would show you from these words that: The gospel is what

The Spirit Commited To God
      There is something peculiarly interesting in these words; they are the words of the Lord Jesus when he hung upon the cross he hung upon it for six long hours in bitter agony. The gall and the vinegar were bitter, but it was nothing to the wrath of God. It was at the last hour of his agony Christ said, "Into thine hand I commit my spirit; thou hast

The Transfiguration Of Christ
      THE TRANSFIGURATION OF CHRIST SEEMS ordinarily to be but little understood. It is like Gethsemane, darkness hangs around it. Gethsemane showed the deepness of his sorrow; mount Tabor showed the height of his glory, which passeth knowledge. Let us go over the different things mentioned in these words. First, let us observe the favourite three

The True And False Sheperd
      WE LEARN, DEAR BRETHREN, FROM THE sixth verse, that this passage is one of considerable difficulty. How much need then have I of a fresh baptism that I may speak rightly from it; and how much need have you to have your heart opened, as was that of Lydia, that you may attend unto the things that are spoken, if you would understand them. 'This parabl

The True Pleasantness Of Being...
      THE WORDS WHICH I HAVE read to you, dear friends, from the sixteenth Psalm, are properly and originally the words of the Lord Jesus Christ. "The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage." You will see this, if you look at the tenth verse of the Psalm: "For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suff

The Vision Of Dry Bones
      IN EARLY LIFE THE Prophet Ezekiel had been witness of sieges and battle-fields-he had himself experienced many of the horrors and calamities of war; and this seems to have tinged his natural character in such a way that his prophecies, more than those of any other prophet, are full of terrific images and visions of dreadful things. In these words w

The Word Made Flesh
      YOU REMEMBER, BRETHREN, WHEN Philip went down to Samaria, it is said that he preached Christ unto them, and there was great joy in that city (Acts 8:5, 8). You remember that the apostle Paul says, 'I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ and him crucified'(1 Corinthians 2:2). Now, brethren, it is really the case that the only

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