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On Salvation by Christ

By Job Scott

Table of Contents

   Preface - ESSAYS On Salvation by Christ by JOB SCOTT and the debate which followed their publication I have preserved a Journal of my whole life. There
   Part 1 - Remarks Upon the Nature of Salvation by Christ - SHOWING THAT IT IS A BIRTH OF DIVINE LIFE IN MAN Known long before the appearance of our Lord in that body that was born of the virgin Mary, in whi
   Part 2 - Some Openings of Truth - IN REGARD TO THE DOCTRINES OF THE SCRIPTURES Mostly such as God has given me by his own Holy Spirit, which "searcheth all things; yea; the deep th
   Part 3 - Salvation by Jesus Christ, The Most Important of all Subjects, Further Considered - I am as well assured there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we can be saved, but by the name of Jesus Christ, as I am of any do
   Part 4 - A Letter From a Friend in America - A LETTER FROM A FRIEND IN AMERICA to LUKE HOWARD OF TOTTENHAM, NEAR LONDON, in which the character of our late friend, JOB SCOTT IS VINDICATED A
   Part 5 - An Expose of Some of the Misrepresentations - AN EXPOSE OF SOME OF THE MISREPRESENTATIONS contained in a pamphlet, entitled A Letter from a Friend in America to Luke Howard, of Tottenham, ne
   Part 6 - The Friend - SIXTH MONTH 4, 1881 Our attention has been called to a work, entitled Salvation by Christ, written by that eminent minister of the Gospel Job Scott,
   Part 7 - Job Scott on Salvation - SUPPRESSED BY FRIENDS and PUBLISHED BY GEO. PITT Vindication of, and Motives for Publishing, being a Reply to an Article in Philadelphia "Friend"
   Part 8 - Job Scott's Last Epistle - Last Letter from Ireland. 14th of 11th month, 1793 Dearly beloved parents (all three), brothers and sisters, relations and friends, I am now at B

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