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The Life of Jesus: Chapter 14 - Remember Jesus Christ

By J.R. Miller

      "Do this in remembrance of Me." 1 Corinthians 11:25

      Our Master craved to be remembered. None of us want to be forgotten. We want to live in the hearts of those we love. But this was not the only reason why Christ wished to be remembered. He had come to save sinners. This was to be done by getting men personally to love Him. This love must be strong enough to rule our whole life, and lead us to the most complete devotion. Therefore His disciples must remember Him, for remembering is part of love.

      The Lord's Supper was intended to keep Christ always vividly in remembrance. We are to think of Him, when we have in our hands, the sacred memorials of His love, reminding us of what He did to redeem us. But we are to think of Him just as devoutly, when we are away from the sacramental table, in the midst of worldly tasks and circumstances.

      If we always remember Christ, it will keep us faithful in our loyalty. He wants us to be as true to Him out on the streets, and when we are tempted and tried--as when we are at His feet in prayer.

      In a battle, there was a young soldier, only a few days from home, who fought as bravely as any old veteran, and died on the front line. After the battle they found in his shirt pocket, just over his heart, the picture of a fair girl's face. That was the secret of his courage. If we carry the memory of Christ in our hearts in the places of trial and testing--we will never fail Him. The secret of all the noble heroisms of the Church, has been passionate love for Jesus!

      Remembering Christ, will transform us into His likeness. Our thoughts are the builders, which rear the temple of our character. If we think of unclean things--our lives will become unclean. If we think of earthly things--we will grow earthly. If we think of Christ, if thoughts of Him are in our mind and heart continually, we will be changed, moment by moment, into His beauty.

      The highest attainment in Christian life--is to always remember Christ, never to forget Him, to keep His blessed face ever before us. Then we shall never lose His peace out of our hearts. Then we shall never fail Him in any duty or struggle. Then we shall never be lonely, for remembering Christ will keep us ever conscious of His gracious presence.

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