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The Life of Jesus: Chapter 8 - The Teacher by the Sea

By J.R. Miller

      Jesus loved the Sea of Galilee. It is only a small lake, and yet no other body of water on the earth is so sacred. It is associated with many holy memories of our Lord's life. He wrought many of His miracles along its shores. He often sailed upon its waters with His disciples. Several times He was in the storms that are so frequent on the Lake, and by His word quieted the winds and calmed the raging waves.

      Many of Christ's wonderful words were spoken by this Sea. Sometimes He would sit in a fishing-boat, anchored a little way from the land, and speak to the people on the shore. He was a wonderful teacher. He was the Son of God.

      "No one has ever seen God. The One and Only Son--the One who is at the Father's side--He has revealed Him." John 1:18. Jesus revealed God in His teaching. He was called 'the Word'. A word reveals. The world could not find out God by any of its own searchings--but Jesus revealed Him. He was God Himself, speaking to men.

      Not in His teachings only, did He make God known--but also in His life. People saw the heart of God--in Christ's life of purity, gentleness, kindness, compassion and mercy. He said, "He who has seen Me--has seen the Father."

      Other men have taught beautiful lessons, and inculcated a lofty morality--but in their own lives have failed to exemplify their teachings. Every word that Jesus spoke, was a beam of light shining out in His own character. Other great teachers declare the truth--Jesus Himself was the truth!

      Jesus was a most gracious teacher. The world was stained with sin--and He brought the revealing of divine mercy. Everywhere men were unhappy, unsatisfied--and He spoke of rest. There was sorrow in every heart--and He came with comfort. People were groping in darkness--and He came to lead them in the right way.

      The influence of the teachings of Christ is immeasurable. One compares the words of Christ, to a handful of spices cast into the world's bitter waters--to sweeten them. They are also, as suggested in one of His own seaside parables, a handful of heavenly seeds scattered over dreary wastes--to change them into a lovely garden. The words of Christ have touched all the world's life--and have left cleansing, enriching and uplifting everywhere.

      There is silence now on the lonely and deserted shores of the Sea of Galilee, where once the great Teacher spoke--but none of the words that fell there from His gracious lips, have lost any of their graciousness, their life, their heavenly music. "Heaven and earth shall pass away," He said, "but My words shall never pass away."

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