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Practice of Piety 64 - A Prayer to Be Said of One That Is Like to Die.

By Lewis Bayly

      A Prayer for a sick Man, when he is told that he is not a man for this world, but must prepare himself to go unto God.

      O heavenly Father, who art the Lord God of the spirits of all flesh, and hast made us these souls, and hast appointed us the time, as to come into this world, so having finished our course, to go out of the same, the number of my days, which thou hast determined are now expired, and I am come to the outmost bounds which thou hast appointed, beyond which I cannot pass. I know, O Lord, that if thou enterest into judgment, no flesh can be justified in thy sight; and I, O Lord, of all others should appear most impure and unjust; for I have not fought that good fight for the defence of thy faith and religion, with that zeal and constancy that I should; but for fear of displeasing the world, I have given way unto sins and errors; and for desire to please my flesh, I have broken all thy commandments, in thought, word, and deed; so that my sins have taken such hold on me, that I am not able to look up, and they are more in number than the hairs on my head. If thou wilt straitly mark my iniquities, O Lord, where shall I stand? If thou weighest me in the balance, I shall be found too light.

      For I am void of all righteousness that might merit thy mercy, and loaden with all iniquities that most justly deserve thy heaviest wrath. But, O my Lord, and my God, for Jesus Christ thy Son's sake, in whom only thou art well pleased with all penitent and believing sinners, take pity and compassion upon me, who am the chief of sinners. Blot out all my sins out of thy remembrance, and wash away all my transgressions out of thy sight, with the precious blood of thy Son, which I believe that he, as an undefined Lamb, hath shed for the cleansing of my sins. In this faith I lived; in this faith I die; believing that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and rose again for my justification. And seeing that he hath endured that death, and borne the burden of that judgment which was due unto my sins; O Father, for his death and passion's sake, now that I am coming to appear before thy judgment seat, acquit and deliver me from that fearful judgment which my sins have justly deserved. And perform unto me that gracious and comfortable promise which thou hast made in thy gospel, that whosoever believeth in thee hath everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but shall pass from death unto life.

      Strengthen, O Christ, my faith; that I may put the whole confidence of my salvation in the merits of thy obedience and blood. Increase, O Holy Spirit, my patience; lay no more upon, me than I am able to bear; and enable me to bear so much as shall stand with thy blessed will and pleasure. O blessed Trinity in unity, my Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier, vouchsafe, that as my outward man decays, so my inward man may more and more, by thy grace and consolation, increase and gather strength. O Saviour, put my soul in a readiness, that like a wise virgin, having the wedding-garment of thy righteousness and holiness, she may be ready to meet thee at thy coming with oil in her lamp. Marry her unto thyself, that she may be one with thee in everlasting love and fellowship.

      O Lord, reprove Satan, and chase him away; deliver my soul from the power of the dog. Save me from the lion's mouth. I thank thee, O Lord, for all thy blessings, both spiritual and temporal, bestowed upon me; especially for my redemption by the death of my Saviour Christ. I thank thee that thou hast protected me with thy holy angels from my youth up until now. O Lord, I beseech thee, give them a charge to attend upon me, till thou callest for my soul; and then to carry her, as they did the soul of Lazarus, into thy heavenly kingdom. And as the time of my departure shall approach nearer unto me, so grant, O Lord, that my soul may draw nearer unto thee, and that I may joyfully commend my soul into thy hands, as into the hands of a loving Father, and a merciful Redeemer; and at that instant, O Lord, graciously receive my spirit. All which that I may do, assist me, I beseech thee, with thy grace; and let thy Holy Spirit continue with me unto the end, and in the end, for Jesus Christ's sake, thy Son, my Lord and holy Saviour, in whose name I give thee the glory, and beg these things at thy hand, in that prayer which Christ himself hath taught me:-Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, &c.

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