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Practice of Piety 21 - Another short Morning Prayer.

By Lewis Bayly

      O most gracious God, and merciful Father! I thine unworthy servant do here acknowledge that as I have been born in sin, so I have lived in iniquity, and broken every one of thy commandments, in thought, word, and deed; following the desires of mine own will, and lusts of my flesh, not caring to be governed by thy holy word and Spirit; and therefore I have justly deserved all shame and misery in this life, and everlasting condemnation in hell-fire, if thou shouldst but deal with me according to thy justice, and my desert. Wherefore, O heavenly Father, I beseech thee, for thy Son Jesus Christ's sake, and for the merits of that bitter death and bloody passion which I believe that he hath suffered for me, that thou wouldst pardon and forgive me all my sins, and deliver me from the shame and vengeance which is due to me for them. And send thy Holy Spirit into my heart, which may assure me that thou art my Father, and that I am thy child, and that thou lovest me with an unchangeable love; and let the same good Spirit lead me in thy truth, and crucify in me more and more all worldly and carnal lusts, that my sins may more and more die in me, and that I may serve thee in unfeigned righteousness and holiness this day, and all the days of my life; that when this mortal life is ended, I may, through thy mercy in Christ, be made a partaker of everlasting glory in thy heavenly kingdom. And here, O Lord, from the bottom of my heart, I thank thee for all thy blessings, which thou hast bestowed upon my soul and body; for electing me in thy love, redeeming me by thy Son, sanctifying me by thy Spirit, and preserving me from my youth up, until this present day and hour, by thy most gracious providence.

      I thank thee more especially, for that thou hast defended me this night from all perils and dangers, and hast brought me safe to the beginning of this day. And now, good Lord, I beseech thee, keep me this day from all evil that may hurt me, and from falling into any gross sin that should offend thee. Set thy fear before my eyes, and let thy Spirit so rule my heart, that all that I shall think, do, or speak this day, may tend to thy glory, the good of others, and the peace of mine own conscience. And to this end I commend myself, and all my ways and actions, together with all that belong to me, unto thy gracious direction and protection; praying thee to keep both them and me from all evil, and to give a blessing to all our honest labours and endeavours. Defend thy whole church from the tyranny of the world, and of Antichrist. Preserve our Queen from all conspiracies and treasons: grant her a long and prosperous reign over us. Bless the rest of the royal family; endow them with thy grace, and defend them from all evil. Bless all our ministers and magistrates with those graces and gifts which thou knowest necessary for their places. Be favourable to all that fear thee, and tremble at thy judgments. Comfort all those that are sick and comfortless. Lord, keep me in a continual readiness, by faith and repentance, for my last end, that whether I live or die, I may be found thine own, to thine eternal glory, and mine everlasting salvation, through Jesus Christ my only Saviour: In whose blessed name I beg these mercies at thy hands, and give unto thee thy praise and glory, in that prayer which he has sanctified with his own lips:-"Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name," &c.

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