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James Webster

      Webster was a Scottish Covenanter who was imprisoned for his faith. After the killing times were over, he was ordained to the gospel ministry in the Church of Scotland, and served two country parishes in the Lothians before being inducted as pastor of one of the Edinburgh congregations in 1693. He initiated the prosecution of Professor John Simson, whose teaching inclined to Arianism. As well as the two published volumes of his sermons, Webster wrote a defence of Presbyterian church government, and two expositions of covenant theology.

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ArticleIf Any Man Thirst: Part I
       The following is a sermon preparatory for the Lord's Supper, and is taken from Webster's Sacramental Sermons and Discourses at the Lord's Table, Edinburgh 1705. "If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink." - John 7:37. "And ye will not come to me." - John 5:40. We have one of the sweetest offers ever Christ made, and ushered in
If Any Man Thirst: Part II
      Now for the proof of this unwillingness to come, consider first, the black picture the Scripture draws of sinners in their natural state. What is their picture? First, the father of all sinners is represented as an abstract vanity: Every man in his best state is altogether vanity. The word in the original will read, All Adam is all vanity. The whol
If Any Man Thirst: Part III
      The last thing in this use of lamentation is to consider the evil of this unwillingness to come! O what might be said here! I shall only give you two, three thoughts. First, it is the perfection of folly. Thou art thirsty, there the water, and yet thou wilt not come to it. Thou art poor, there the unsearchable riches of Christ, and yet thou wilt no

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