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ArticleThe Seeds of Revival
      Evan Roberts, while reflecting on the problems of The Welsh Revival of 1904, once wrote, "The mistake was to become occupied with the effects of the revival and not to watch and pray in protecting the cause of the revival." The lasting success of the next move of God may very well depend upon our willingness to receive Mr. Roberts WARNING! There ar
DevotionalThe Two Closets
      If we neglect prayer, we neglect Christ. Prayerlessness is a sin against the heart of Jesus, which longs to be intimate with His Bride. (1 Samuel 12:23). Prayerlessness is not only a sin in itself, it is the nursemaid of countless other sins. When we neglect prayer we nurture secret-sin and self-deception. As one abandons the prayer closet he unkno
ArticleThe Womb of Revival
      Is a genuine widespread revival really coming? Some claim that the Church is already enjoying a mighty end-time revival. Others argue that the Church doesn't even need revival, only better Bible teaching or political reform. What does true revival really look like? These kinds of questions and many others are increasingly being debated within the C
ArticleUncle John Vassar
      The central fact of true Christianity is a Holy and intimate union with Jesus Christ. Uncle John Vassar was never content with anything less than true Christianity. First and foremost he was a loyal lover of Jesus. John Vassar was known as the Apostle of Personal Evangelism because of his fervent and constant witness to the Savior's worth. Loving J
ArticleWhy Did The Fire Fall In 1857?
      Two Thousand Miles of Prayer The climax of the awakening came in 1857. Noonday prayer meetings were started in New York, Philadelphia and other cities. Then the movement spread with lightning-like speed throughout the land. In Philadelphia it is said that three thousand people attended the noonday prayer meetings, and in Chicago some two thousan
ArticleWill You Miss the Coming Revival?
      Many Christians today are eagerly anticipating a mighty move of God. The opportunity for a widespread revival seems to be standing at the Church's door. This is the hour for us to lay hold of a fresh vision of the Church, empowered and purified for Christ's sake and service. We are now in the season when the Lord is calling forth and qualifying His
ArticleWilliam Booth
      On April 9,1865, Lee met Grant in the parlor of a private home at Appomattox Court House. He surrendered his army and brought an end to four long years of death and devastation called the Civil War. In the same year a 36 year old Englishman by the name of William Booth declared war on the powers of darkness by founding the Salvation Army. One o
ArticleWilliam Bramwell
      "For thus says the Lord...'Seek Me and Live'." (Amos 5:4). The life of William Bramwell is a vivid picture of one who followed hard after God and as a result truly lived. Motivated by a fervent love and a haunting view of eternity, William Bramwell sought the face of Jesus with all his heart. "Mr. Bramwell's love for God was always increasing. The
ArticleWilliam C. Burns
      In September of 1840 Scotland's famous praying pastor, Robert Murray M'Cheyne wrote a letter to William C. Burns. He writes, "I am deepened in my conviction, that if we are to be instruments in ( A TRUE REVIVAL ) we must be purified from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Oh cry for personal holiness, constant nearness to God by the blood of t
ArticleWilliam P. Nicholson
      True passionate preaching is the flower and fruit of passionate praying. The fiery preaching that transforms the Church and the market place is first kindled in the secret place. This truth is powerfully illustrated through the life of W. P. Nicholson. In the early 1920's, Northern Ireland passed through a period of great strife and bloodshed. Thes

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