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ArticleHoly Longings
      "For we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones." (Eph 5:30) Are we truly intimately acquainted and connected to Christ like the Scripture declares? Have we in truth become bone of Christ's bone and flesh of His flesh? If so, we will possess the same passions and longings that Jesus has. We will settle for nothing less than to be
ArticleJ.H. Weber
      Are we truly Spirit-filled Christians? Does the term "Spirit-filled" describe our doctrine or our devotion? Samuel Chadwick described the fullness of the Spirit in the following way: "Spirit filled souls are ablaze for God. They love with a love that glows. They serve with a faith that kindles. They serve with a devotion that consumes. They hate si
ArticleJames Caughey
      J. A. Stewart has rightly said, "Apart from the mighty enduement of the Spirit of Pentecost, all our Gospel services will be in vain. The natural, unregenerate man cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit. His darkened mind can only be enlightened by the divine intervention of God, the Holy Ghost. He cannot be argued, fascinated, bullied or enthu
ArticleJames O. Frasier
      Some of God's most precious servants have gone through life hidden and unnoticed. Forgotten and ignored by the religious masses, they thrive in obscurity and solitude. Their humble lives seem to sweetly sing those neglected lines of Charles Wesley's hymn, "Keep us little and unknown, Prized and loved by God alone." William Jay, the English preacher
ArticleJohn Hyde
      It was Seth Joshua who once wrote "All prayer is hidden. It is behind a closed door. The best spade diggers go down into deep ditches out of sight. There are numbers of surface workers, but few who in self-obliteration toil alone with God." John "Praying" Hyde was one who truly delighted to toil alone with Jesus. One of the most striking featur
ArticleJohn Oxtoby
      A call for revival presupposes the decline and weakness of the Church. The rise of the Primitive Methodists in the 19th century was the result of the decline of England's early Methodism. The Primitive Methodist movement endeavored to return to the Christianity as taught and practiced by John Wesley. Only sixteen years after John Wesley's death, th
ArticleJohn Smith
      John Smith has often been called, "The Man with Calloused Knees". Though his name was quite common, there was nothing common about him. He was distinguished from countless others of the same name by the title of, "John Smith - the Revivalist". Like his father before him, he was respected as a zealous and passionate, preacher of the gospel. He labor
ArticleJohn Sung
      The modern Church, much like ancient Israel, has never been very comfortable with God's prophetic people. In every corner of the Church today you can find those who are echoing the words of stubborn King Ahab - "Is that you, (Elijah) you TROUBLER of Israel?" (I Kings 18:17). Usually when something tastes unpleasant to us, we try to add something el
ArticleJohn Wesley
      On March 9th, 1791, when John Wesley was carried to his grave, he left behind him a good library of books, a well-worn clergyman's gown, and a much abused reputation. But also, an England moved to the very depths and a Church thrilled through and through with an awakened spiritual life. John Wesley was a man who truly possessed both apostolic visio
ArticleJonathan Goforth
      "You must go forward on your knees," was the advice Hudson Taylor gave to a young Canadian missionary named Jonathan Goforth. Mr. Goforth faithfully and fervently followed this advice throughout all has missionary endeavors in China. Yet, after thirteen years of faithful praying and preaching, and what most would consider a very successful ministry
ArticleMordecai Ham
      What is the secret of the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Does God endue men in a sort of haphazard way? Has He favorites? Certainly not! God's difficulty is to find men who are willing to pay the price." Mordecai Ham was a man who was willing to pay the price and as a result was powerfully anointed by the Holy Spirit. Early on in his ministry he had
ArticlePandita Ramabai
      Fire kindles more fire. In 1904 one of the most significant revivals of the modern Church age swept through Wales. News of the Welsh revival quickly encircled the globe, bringing with it sparks of hope and expectation. Soon revival fires were burning in India, China, Korea and America. Instrumental in the revival in India was a young woman by the n
ArticlePhillip Jacob Spener
      In every generation God has had a remnant that strived to restore true Christianity according to the Apostolic pattern. 17th century Germany was the home of just such a people known as the Pietist. The Pietist yearned and prayed to see the Church restored to Her original purity and power. The vision and dreams of these earnest Christians founds
ArticleRichard Baxter
      Many within the Church today feel as if they are drowning in a river of empty words and hollow promises. Demoralized by superficial religion, their hungry hearts are crying out, "Where is the REAL Church, mighty in truth and power?" There are many who can give us a moving definition of revival, but where are the MEN who can move the Church with a d
ArticleRobert Murray McCheyne
      "It is not how long you live, but how you live that counts." Robert Murray M'Cheyne was a living example of this often neglected truth. At twenty-three years old he was ordained and inducted into the church of St. Peters at Dundee. At thirty years old he finished his course, dying in the spring of 1843. Like John the Baptist and the Savior Himself,
ArticleSarah A. Cooke
      Often God's most precious gifts are hidden in the most obscure and common vessels. The costly pearl is found hidden in the plain gray oyster shell, and the Savior Himself was revealed in the form of a humble carpenter. Yet, we still too often expect to find the glory of God on some grand stage, bathed in bright lights. (1 Cor. 1:26-29) Sarah Co
ArticleStonewall Jackson
      "And I sought for a MAN among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. - Ezek. 22:30. The future of a nation is directly dependent upon the choices of its men. It is here that the men of America, as a whole, have failed. Like the individual links of a chain
ArticleThe Intercessors of the Hebrides Revival
      Off the west coast of Scotland is a small group of islands called the Hebrides. Between 1949 and 1952 a wide spread revival swept through these islands in answer to the prayers of God's people. Instrumental in this revival was the evangelist Duncan Campbell. He came to the Isle of Lewis to conduct a two week evangelistic campaign and ended up stayi
ArticleThe Korean Pentecost
      J. Edwin Orr has accurately described a true evangelical awakening as, "a movement of the Holy Spirit bringing about a revival of New Testament Christianity in the Church of Christ and its related community." What is the purpose for such outpourings of the Holy Spirit? Are God's purposes in reviving His Church always the same? Without question, God
ArticleThe Pastor & Revival
      The following material represents the godly wisdom born out of the day to day experiences of pastors who actually witnessed years of revival. To them revival was not a philosophy, a fad, or just an old story, it was something they lived. These men labored in the Lord's vineyard during the most prolonged period of revival history known to the Church

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