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William Bramwell

By David Smithers

      "For thus says the Lord...'Seek Me and Live'." (Amos 5:4).   The life of William Bramwell is a vivid picture of one who followed hard after God and as a result truly lived. Motivated by a fervent love and a haunting view of eternity, William Bramwell sought the face of Jesus with all his heart. "Mr. Bramwell's love for God was always increasing. The beauties of holiness inflamed his soul with an intense desire to be like God and in all things to glorify Him."

      It is in a letter written by Mr. Bramwell in 1807 that we get a glimpse of the driving passions that motivated his life and ministry. He writes, "Pray, O pray, my brother! never, never quit your hold of the fullness of God; for time is nearly over, and if this fullness be lost it will be lost forever. I am astonished that we do not pray more, yea, that we do not live every moment as on the brink of the eternal world, and in the blessed expectation of that glorious country."

      Again he writes, "I grieve that my love is no stronger, and that I am no more like Him. I wonder at His glory, and sink before Him with shame. How is it that the soul being of such value, and God so great, eternity so near and yet we are so little moved?"

      William Bramwell sought to redeem every moment for the kingdom of God. Therefore he gave himself to prayer and intercession literally day and night. "He would spend two, three, four, five and sometimes six hours in prayer and reflection. He often entered his room at nine o'clock in the morning and did not leave till three in the afternoon."

      Like all who enjoy such intense seasons of prayer, Mr. Bramwell exchanged his cares for the cares and sorrows of Jesus Christ. The weight of a lost world and a struggling Church time and again brought him to his knees in travailing prayer. "The Holy Spirit awakened in his heart a deep sympathy for perishing souls. He saw multitudes around him in the broad way to destruction, and longed to snatch them as brands from the fire."

      "He wept over the impenitent and labored to convince the gainsayers. He brought the terrors of the Law and the mild persuasives of the Gospel to bear upon the hearts of his hearers and thus urged them to flee from the wrath to come."

      Year after year Mr. Bramwell's ministry of prayer and preaching produced lasting results. Churches were revived, the sick were healed and sinners were saved to the uttermost. Mr. Bramwell's success, without question was the fruit of his ever growing hunger for more of Jesus. By faith he reaped the rewards of his earnest and constant seeking.

      Are we as believers truly hungry for more of Jesus, or are we merely claiming the revival blessings of God, while never meeting the covenant conditions of a seeking heart?      Proverbs 2:3-5 reminds us to cry out and lift up our voice for the riches of Christ. To seek the ways of God like silver and hidden treasure, and THEN we will be rewarded with the fear and knowledge of God. If we are serious about seeing a real and lasting move of the Holy Spirit, we must follow Mr. Bramwell's example and commit the BEST of our time and energy to seeking the face of Jesus in prayer.

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