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J. Wilbur Chapman

      John Wilbur Chapman was born in Richmond, Indiana, on June 17, 1859. His parents Alexander H. and Lorinda Chapman prepared him for a life of Christian ministry. The young man felt he could never pinpoint a date for his conversion, but did make public his acknowledgement of Christ at age seventeen. In 1876 Chapman joined the Richmond Presbyterian Church and later that year left to attend Oberlin College. After one year at Oberlin, Chapman transferred to Lake Forest University where he received his B.A. in 1879. His seminary years, 1879-1882, were spent at Lane Theological Seminary in Cincinnati, during which time he was ordained on April 13, 1881.

      Chapman led several churches prior to his full time evangelistic efforts. hapman began his evangelistic work full time in 1893, preaching with D. L. Moody at the World's Fair and conducting many meetings on his own. He hired William Ashley "Billy" Sunday as an advance man, thus giving him his start in evangelism. At this same time, the evangelist Sol C. Dickey set up a Bible Conference Center in Winona Lake, Indiana. This center held lifelong interest to Chapman along with the others he helped develop in Montreat, North Carolina, and Stony Brook, Long Island, New York.

      He wrote the words to the hymns One Day, Jesus! What A Friend for Sinners (Our Great Saviour) and 'Tis Jesus.

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Biography Biography of John Wilbur Chapman
      Presbyterian evangelist. John W. Chapman was born in Indiana and educated at Oberlin College and Lane Seminary. He received the LL.D. from Heidelberg University. He held pastorates in Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania. He conducted evangelistic campaigns in Canada, Hawaii, the Fiji Islands, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Japan,
PamphletA Bird's-Eye View of the Bible
       A BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF THE BIBLE [SECOND EDITION] BY FRANK NELSON PALMER Instructor of English Bible, Winona Schools, 1903-1911 WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY REV. J. WILBUR CHAPMAN, D.D. (To First Edition) CINCINNATI MONFORT & COMPANY 1914 Copyright, 1914, by Frank N. Palmer TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 7 Prefac
And Judas Iscariot - Table of Contents
       And Judas Iscariot: Together With Other Evangelistic Addressees By The Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D. For many years a close colleague of Mr. Moody HODDER & STOUGHTON NEW YORK GEORGE H. DORAN COMPANY Copyright 1906 Introduction The sermons contained in this volume are published in response to numerous requests that they might be put int
And Peter - Table of Contents
       "AND PETER" And Other Sermons By J. Wilbur Chapman Author of: The Lost Crown Another Mile Revival Sermons Etc. PREFACE Ordinarily a book like this should take its name from the first chapter of its contents. But Peter is such a favorite of mine that I take the liberty of writing his name at the top of the page. Next to the Lord
      My text this evening is one word. Ever since I have been a minister I have asked God to help me say two words and say them properly. It is said that Whitefield used to say "Oh!" in such a fashion that his hearers were convicted of sin and some of them would cry out for mercy. The first word that I would like to say properly is "Lost." I have never
SermonPrepare to Meet Thy God
      The subject for the evening has been announced as Preparedness. I might well speak to you to-night concerning preparedness for the nation, but I have a greater subject than that. I have something of greater importance to say. My subject deals with time and eternity, and the preparation we must make in time for eternity. You will find my text in the
SermonSaved When the Lord Appears
      Texts: Acts 1:11 -- "Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven." 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 -- "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of G
SermonSowing and Reaping
      I am bringing to you what I think is a very solemn subject. I have no apology for speaking on solemn themes, for we are living in a day when many people seem to be turning to light and trifling things. We have reached a time when men regard God lightly. In fact, many seem to have put Him out of their thoughts. It used to be, in olden days, that men
SermonThe Accepted Time
      My text is familiar -- II Corinthians 6:2 -- "Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation." This text is generally made use of in appeals to those who are not Christians, but if you will read the verses preceding and following the text, you will see that it is an appeal as well to those who are already Christians. Let me
The Ivory Palaces of the King - Table of Contents
       The Ivory Palaces of the King By The Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D. Author of "Received ye the Holy Ghost?" Etc. Fleming H. Revell Company New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, Edinburgh Dedication To my wife, whose loving sympathy has made it possible and easy to live what this little book contains, and whose perfect self-sacrifice made
The Life and Work of D.L. Moody - Table of Contents
      NUMEROUS invitations have come to me recently, to write concerning the life and work of D. L. Moody, all of which were the publishers of this volume for several declined. I have, however, accepted the invitation of reasons. First. Because they have made it possible for me in so doing to make a generous contribution to some benevolent or educationa
SermonThe Master Is Come
      My text is in John 11:28 - "The Master is come and calleth for thee." This passage takes us to the home in Bethany where Jesus loved to be. It has to do with the sickness and death of Lazarus, and his resurrection from the dead. Some years ago I heard a distinguished man of God preach from this text. The light of heaven was on his face and the fi
The Personal Touch - Table of Contents
       THE PERSONAL TOUCH BY J. WILBUR CHAPMAN, D.D. FOREWORD IF If to be a Christian is worth while, then the most ordinary interest in those with whom we come in contact should prompt us to speak to them of Christ. * * * * * If the New Testament be true--and we know that it is--who has given us the right to place t
The Power of a Surrendered Life - Table of Contents
       The Power of a Surrendered Life Or, Turning Back at Kadesh-Barnea By J. Wilbur Chapman, D. D. Author of "And Peter, and other Sermons," "Received ye the Holy Ghost," etc. The Moody Press 153 Institute Place Chicago PREFACE Our Father in Heaven never intended that we, who are his children by regeneration, should live anything else tha
SermonThe Precious Blood of Christ
      I am preaching tonight on what I believe to be the most important subject in the Bible. Of course, anything that has to do with Jesus Christ is of vast importance. My text is found in the First Epistle of Peter 1:19 "The precious blood of Christ." The Apostle Peter, as we all know, was a fisherman in his earlier days. It is wonderful that he bec
The Secret of a Happy Day - Table of Contents
       THE SECRET OF A HAPPY DAY Quiet Hour Meditations By Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D. D. Author of "And Peter," "Received Ye the Holy Ghost?", "The Surrendered Life," etc. United Society of Christian Endeavor 1899, To the Rev. Francis E. Clark, D.D. WHOSE NAME IS LOVED AND WHOSE WORK IS HONORED WHEREVER THE CAUSE OF CHRIST IS PRESENTED, T HIS LIT

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