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The Life and Work of D.L. Moody

Table of Contents

   Preface - NUMEROUS invitations have come to me recently, to write concerning the life and work of D. L. Moody, all of which were the publishers of this volume f
   Appreciations - THE GREATNESS OF MR. MOODY by Henry Drummond WERE one asked what on the human side were the effective ingredients in Mr. Moody's sermons, one woul
   Chapter 1 - Introductory Chapter - Early Acquaintance with Mr. Moody - A Most Profound - Influence - Master in Moving Men - The Power of God on His Work - The Last Picture of the Evang
   Chapter 2 - Northfield - Northfield Not a Modern Town - The First Settlers - The Second Settlement - After the Revolution - The House in Which Moody was Born - The Character
   Chapter 3 - His Early Life - The Death of His Father - Mrs. Moody's Struggle - Incidents from Moody's Early Days - His Rudimentary Education - Departure from Home - Looking for W
   Chapter 4 - His Mother - A Picture Never To Be Forgotten - His Mother's Blessing - Her Puritan Ancestry - Her Conversion - D. L. Moody's Tribute to His Mother - Verses She Ha
   Chapter 5 - His Conversion - First Acquaintance With Mr. E. D. Kimball - Just Ready for the Light - Mr. Moody's Probation - Admitted To the Church - A Changed Life - He Seeks His
   Chapter 6 - Sunday School Work - Preparation for Future Work - Recruiting For the Church and For Sunday Schools - The School on "the Sands" - Muscular Christianity - The North Market
   Chapter 7 - The Young Men's Christian Assoc. - First work with the Young Men's Christian Association - The Illinois Street Church - Elected President of the Young Men's Christian Association - Ded
   Chapter 8 - Giving Up Business - Moody as a Commercial Traveller - "God will Provide" - He Gives Up Business - His Means Exhausted - Friends Come with Unsolicited Aid - Marriage - Hi
   Chapter 9 - Moody and Sankey - Mr. Sankey's First Singing at a Moody Meeting - A Sudden Proposition - A Street Service - Mr. Sankey joins Mr.Moody - The Effect of Mr. Sankey's Sing
   Chapter 10 - In England, Ireland and Scotland - The Discouraging Outlook - Sunderland - Revival Fire Kindled at Newcastle - Edinburgh - The Work in Scotland Continued - The Evangelists go to Irelan
   Chapter 11 - Evangelistic Work in the U.S. - The Gospel Campaign in Brooklyn - The Campaign in Philadelphia The Great Meetings in New York - Glorious Enthusiasm for the Lord - In Baltimore, 1878
   Chapter 12 - Mr. Moody in Two Wars - The Sanitary and Christian Commissions - Mr. Moody's Zeal - Experiences from the War - The Revival at Camp Douglas - Work in the War with Spain - On
   Chapter 13 - The Spiritual Side Of Northfield - A Blessed Town - Northfield Dear to Mr. Moody - Mr. Moody's Love of Nature - Dr. A. J. Gordon - Rev. F. B. Meyer at Northfield - A Star In the Midnig
   Chapter 14 - The Northfield Schools - Marvellous Educational Work - The Beginnings of Northfield Seminary - Three Great Ends in View - Mt. Hermon - The Northfleld Training School. A fav
   Chapter 15 - Northfield Conf. & Student Volunteers - Various Bible Conferences - The Pre- Eminence of Northfleld - The Beginnings and the Growth of the Conference - The Student Volunteers - Missionary I
   Chapter 16 - The Chicago Bible Institute - The Need of the Institution - The Practical Nature of the Work - Touching Requests for Prayer - The Rev. R. A. Torrey - The Women's Department. The
   Chapter 17 - The World's Fair Campaign - The First Meeting - How Mr. Moody Vivified the Work - The Reports of Co-Workers - The Monday Conferences - Meetings For Children. When the World's
   Chapter 18 - The Last Campaign - Mr. Moody Goes to Kansas City - The Great Convention Hall - Inspiring Opening Services - The Beginning of the End - Mr. Moody Breaks Down - Back to N
   Chapter 19 - Mr. Moody as an Evangelist - D. L. Moody an Evangelist in the Truest Sense of the Word - Especially Adapted to His Work - His Dread of Notoriety - His Views on Sudden Conversion.
   Chapter 20 - His Bible - A Book More Than Precious to Him - The Advice of Harry Moorehouse - Mr. Moody's Ideas Concerning the Way to Use God's Word. Mr. MOODY loved his Bib
   Chapter 21 - His Co-Workers - Ira David Sankey - Paul P. Bliss - Major Whittle - Henry Varley - John McNeill - George C. Stebbins - Ferdinand Schiverea - H. M. Wharton - R. A. Tor
   Chapter 22 - Three Characteristic Sermons - Characteristics of the Three Sermons - God's Love - The Excuses of Men - Reaping Whatsoever We Sow. If one has known Mr. Moody for any great length
   Chapter 23 - His Best Illustrations - The Fervour of His Eloquence - "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning" - "For Charlie's Sake" - A Penalty Necessary - Calling on God - One Year's Record.
   Chapter 24 - Revival Conventions - A Typical Convention - What is Evangelistic Service? - We Want New hymns - Apt Replies to Questions. In the early days of Mr. Moody's evangelistic
   Chapter 25 - How to Study the Bible - A Characteristic Bible Reading - Helpful Auxiliaries to Bible Study - Jesus the Key to the New Testament - The Four Gospels - Six Things Worth Knowin
   Chapter 26 - His Creed Three Cardinal Truths - His View Concerning the Word of God - What to do With Difficult Passages - Don't Cut Anything Out of the Bible - Christ Referred to the Old Testament
   Chapter 27 - The Funeral - Mr. Moody's Last Moments - A Triumphant Passing Away - Funeral Services - Addresses by Dr. Scofield, Dr. Weston, Dr. Chapman, Bishop Mallalieu, Mr. T
   Chapter 28 - Roundtop - Mr. Moody's Remains Taken to Roundtop - A Place of Blessing - Roundtop Particularly identified With Mr. Moody. The funeral services in the church w
   Chapter 29 - Memorial Services - The Great Meeting in New York - Impressive Addresses - Estimates of Mr. Moody by Dr. Greer, Mr. John R. Mott, Mr. Cutting, Dr. Buckley, and Others wh
   Chapter 30 - Appreciations by Eminent Friends - Testimony to Mr.Moody's Wonderful Personality -The Opinions of Prominent Men who Knew Him and His Work -The Universal Regard in Which He Was Held.
   Chapter 31 - Editorials of His Character - Important Tributes from the Secular and Religious Press - All Men Eager to Admit Mr. Moody's Greatness - What He Accomplished for the Betterment of M
   Chapter 32 - The Personal Side of Mr. Moody - Personal Characteristics - His Hold Upon His Friends - His Charming Social Side - His Kindliness, Modesty and Unselfishness. He was a remarkable ma
   Chapter 33 - Personal Reminiscences - By Rex. H. M. Wharton, D.D. An Estimate of Mr. Moody, based on intimate association with him and long knowledge of his work. By Rex H.M. Wharton, D.
   Chapter 34 - A Month with Mr. Moody in Chicago - By Rev. H. M. Wharton, D.D. Mr. Moody as He Appeared to one of his Prominent Co-Workers during the World's Fair Campaign. It was a magnificent oppo

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