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The Secret of a Happy Day

By J. Wilbur Chapman

Table of Contents

   Introduction - THE SECRET OF A HAPPY DAY Quiet Hour Meditations By Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D. D. Author of "And Peter," "Received Ye the Holy Ghost?", "The Surr
   1: First Day - The LORD is my shepherd - IT is said that whenever we find the Lord's name written in small capitals in the Old Testament, we are to remember that the thought is to be concerni
   2: Second Day - The Lord is my shepherd - HE is our present helper. There is such a tendency to put him out of our lives. In truth he is with us all the time; in practical experience he is in
   3: Third Day - The Lord is my shepherd - MARTIN LUTHER once said that most of experimental religion would be found in the personal and possessive pronouns of the Bible, and that is certainly
   4: Fourth Day - The Lord is my shepherd - This psalm belongs to us if we can truthfully say these first five words; then the rest of the psalm is our spiritual possession. One of my friends w
   5: Fifth Day - The Lord is my SHEPHERD - DAVID knew how he loved his sheep, and so no more endearing name could be given to his Lord. He is called "the chief Shepherd " by Peter in I. Pet. 5
   6: Sixth Day - The Lord is my SHEPHERD - THERE are two things to be constantly borne in mind in connection with the shepherd's life, not only that he cares for the weak sheep, and goes seekin
   7: Seventh Day - I shall not WANT - You will notice David does not say, "I shall not need;" it is by far a better word he uses, "I shall not want." We often want many things we do not ne
   8: Eighth Day - He maketh me to lie down in green pastures - "THE Christian life has two elements in it, the contemplative and the active and both of these are richly provided for." The text above introduces us
   9: Ninth Day - He leadeth me - "THE other side of the Christian experience is to be found in gracious activity. We not only think, but we act. We are not always lying down to feed o
   10: Tenth Day - Beside the still waters - IT is at least suggestive that in the contemplation of the whole of this second verse of this psalm we have in outline the possible experience of ever
   11: Eleventh Day - He restoreth my soul - "WHEN the soul grows sorrowful, he revives it; when it is sinful, he sanctifies it; when it is weak, he strengthens it. He does it. His ministers coul
   12: Twelfth Day - He restoreth my soul - THERE are certain tests by means of which we may know whether we are in need of restoring grace. Sometimes, alas we so hurry along in the race of lif
   13: Thirteenth Day - He RESTORETH my soul - THERE are certain causes for spiritual declension, and they are always to be found in ourselves. It is true we have the old nature with us, while at
   14: Fourteenth Day - He leadeth me - "THE Christian delights to be obedient, but it is the obedience of love to which he is constrained by the example of his Master." If he is leading us
   15: Fifteenth Day - He leadeth me - THERE are certain ways by means of which we may surely detect the Lord's leadings. His own example is an illustration. What did he do in circumstance
   16: Sixteenth Day - In the PATHS of righteousness - In another verse we were told that the Shepherd led beside still waters, and the inference might have been that, when the feet were cut, or the muscle
   17: Seventeenth Day - In the paths of righteousness - AND what can this mean but right paths? In the wilderness of the desert there are no raised paths, the paths being merely tracks. They may run in dif
   18: Eighteenth Day - For his name's sake - THERE could no greater blessing come into your life than that you should look up in every circumstance, and say,-- "Lead thou me on O'er moor a
   19: Nineteenth Day - Yea, though I WALK through the valley - THERE is probably no verse in Scripture with which we are more familiar than this. When the fear of death has taken hold upon us, we have said these w
   20: Twentieth Day - I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - BUT there is another application, and it is the one most precious to us, possibly because most often given. The words speak of that time when we may p
   21: Twenty-first Day - I will fear no evil - HE does not say, "There shall not be any evil," but, "I shall not fear it." It must have been because he knew that he had only to do with the shadow
   22: Twenty-second Day - Thou art with me - Do you notice the change in the person of the pronoun here? In other instances the Psalmist has spoken of his Lord in the third person; but now, as he
   23: Twenty-third Day - Thy rod - A SHEPHERD'S rod is that with which he defends his sheep. It was not unlikely that in passing through the valley serious danger would meet the flock,
   24: Twenty-fourth Day - And thy staff - THE shepherd's staff is his crook, bent or hooked at one end. No shepherd is complete without it. It is used for three different purposes. Beneath it
   25: Twenty-fifth Day - Thou preparest a table before me - THERE is a sudden change here in the figure of the psalm. In many of the preceding thoughts we have been walking, but now the picture is that of feast
   26: Twenty-sixth Day - In the presence of mine enemies - "THE good man has his enemies; he would not be like his Lord if he had not. If we were without enemies, we might fear that we were not the friends of
   27: Twenty-seventh Day - Thou anointest my head with oil - "WHY anoint the head with oil? Ah! David has in mind a picture of the high priest in the sanctuary. In the most holy place of the tabernacle God revea
   28: Twenty-eighth Day - My cup runneth over - "HE had not only a fulness of abundance, but of redundance. Those that have this happiness must carry their cup upright, and see that it overflow into
   29: Twenty-ninth Day - Goodness and mercy shall follow me - "THIS sentence may be read, 'Only goodness and mercy shall follow me,' for there shall be unmingled mercy in our history. These twin guardian angels w
   30: Thirtieth Day - I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever - A SERVANT abideth not in the house forever; but the son doth. And we are the children of God. "While I am here, I will be a child at home with my God
   31: Thirty-first Day - Conclusion - IN the war of the Rebellion a little drummer boy was injured in the battle. He was carried into the hospital, and one of the soldiers near by heard th

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