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Selections from the Journal of James Caughey

By James Caughey

Table of Contents

   Introduction - Selections from the Journal of James Caughey By Daniel Wise Boston: 1857 Comments by A. M. Hills About James Caughey "A humble, obscure
   Chapter 1 - Sketch of the Life of James Caughey - By Daniel Wise James Caughey is a native of Ireland. He emigrated to America in his youth, and was converted about twenty-four years since. Two yea
   Chapter 2 - A Week of Agonizing Conflicts - Mr. Wesley visited this town nearly four-score years ago. In his Journal he says: "Monday, May 9, 1757. -- I rode over the mountains to Huddersfield
   Chapter 3 - A Characteristic Discourse - ... I looked up among the clouds, the other day, and noticed two layers of clouds moving in contrary directions, one underneath the other, owing to co
   Chapter 4 - Onward Movement of the Revival - In the afternoon prayer-meeting there were sixty-eight souls saved, of whom forty were pardoned, and twenty purified. Crowds upon crowds last night,
   Chapter 5 - The New Convert Exhorted to Holiness - 1ST. Let that new convert hearken! -- The remains of sin -- yea, the seed of every sin -- is within, till you are cleansed throughout spirit, soul and
   Chapter 6 - Justified Persons Desire Purity - 1ST To "A perplexed and anxious inquirer." Your preferences have not been for holiness. Your justification has been defective in one thing, to say the
   Chapter 7 - Personal Experience -- The Revival - We resume our extracts from Mr. Caughey's record of his mental exercises, and of the work of God in Huddersfield. It contains some very interesting in
   Chapter 8 - Warnings to Sinners -- A Sermon - "Who hath ears to hear, let him hear." -- Matt. 13:43 1. Your attention! To all whom it may concern. English history tells us of a great freshet i
   Chapter 9 - Notes of the Huddersfield Revival - The following chapter continues the record of the great revival in Huddersfield, which is interspersed, after Mr. Caughey's manner, with meditations,
   Chapter 10 - Extracts from the Journal - April 26th. -- Last night I preached my farewell sermon in Queen Street Chapel, Huddersfield. The crowd was immense. It was with the greatest difficul

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