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Selected Letters

By Samuel Rutherford

Table of Contents

   Foreward - Samuel Rutherford A Selection from his Letters Foreword Samuel Rutherford nearly ended his days on a scaffold. But he was already on hi
   1 - 5 - I. To LADY KENMURE, at a time of illness and spiritual depression Lady Jane Campbell, Viscountess of Kenmure, was the third daughter of Archibald
   6 - 10 - VI. To MARION MCNAUGHT, when persecuted for her principles WELL-BELOVED SISTER, -- I have been thinking, since my departure from you, of the prid
   11 - 15 - XI. To lady KENMURE, when he expected to be removed from Anwoth MAIDAM, -- My humble obedience in the Lord remembered. Know it has pleased the Lo
   16 - 20 - XVI. To MR ROBERT BLAIR Blair became minister of Bangor in Northern Ireland in 1623. But after nine years there he was deposed for nonconformity
   21 - 25 - XXI. To MR WILLIAM DALGLEISH, minister of the Gospel Dalgleish was minister of a neighbouring parish and was responsible for the parish of Anwoth
   26 - 30 - XXVI. To JOHN GORDON OF RUSSO in the parish of Anwoth MY WORTHY AND DEAR BROTHER, -- Misspend not your short sand-glass, which runneth very fast,
   31 - 35 - XXXI. To NINIAN MURE, a parishioner LOVING FRIEND, -- I received your letter. I entreat you now, in the morning of your life, to seek the Lord an
   36 - 40 - XXXVI. To JOHN GORDON OF CARDONESS, the elder MUCH HONORED AND DEAREST IN MY LORD, Grace, mercy, and peace be to you. My soul longeth exceedingly
   41 - 45 - XLI. To LADY GAITGIRTH Her husband, to whom Rutherford expresses his obligations at the close of the letter, was Sheriff of Ayrshire and represen
   46 - 50 - XLVI. To JOHN GORDON OF CARDONESS, the younger DEARLY-BELOVED IN THE LORD, -- I long exceedingly to hear of the case of your soul, which has a la
   51 - 55 - LI. To MR FULK ELLIS Ellis was an Irish Presbyterian serving as a captain in the Scottish army. WORTHY AND MUCH HONOURED IN OUR LORD, -- Grace
   56 - 60 - LVI. To EARLSTON, the younger MUCH HONORED SIR, -- Grace, mercy, and peace be to you. I am well. Christ triumpheth in me, blessed be His name. I
   61 - 65 - LXI. To MR JAMES WILSON DEAR BROTHER, -- Grace, mercy, and peace be multiplied upon you. -- I bless our rich and only wise Lord, who careth so fo
   66 - 71 - LXVI. To MR. TAYLOR, on her son's death MISTRESS, -- Grace, mercy, and peace be to you -- Though I have no relation worldly or acquaintance with

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