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Stirring Experiences

Table of Contents

   : 1. My Struggle For An Education - It was the writer's good fortune to be born and reared on a farm in the beautiful, level country of eastern central Michigan. I was not reared in a ho
   : 2. How I Escaped Adventism - From earliest infancy I was cradled in the doctrines of Adventism. Among the first songs I ever heard sung were those of that faith; in fact, practica
   : 3. How I Escaped Modernism - Ever since the Bryan-Darrow-Scopes case at Dayton, Tennessee, the Modernists and Evolutionists have put up an untiring fight to turn America to Modern
   : 4. How I Escaped Marrying the Wrong Girl - Marriage with many is a lottery, and few believe that one can be as positive of God's leadings in matrimonial matters as in other things. As a result
   : 5. A Rare Jewel - Evangeline very providentially came into my life at a time when I needed her most. All through my many years in struggling for an education I was unab
   : 6 . Called Higher - While the material for this book was in the process of making, my precious wife and companion, who had stood by me so faithfully and aided me so nobly
   : 7. Mysteries - There are mysteries of various kinds. Some of these can be accounted for in time, and others will be sealed up until eternity. One such event was the
   : 8. Obituary - Evangeline, eldest child of Rev. and Mrs. E. F. Shelhamer, was born Nov. 5, 1904, at Cleveland, Ohio, and departed this life at the age of 25 years, 3
   : 9. Funeral Messages - The following are excerpts from the messages given at the funeral by the following speakers. These were interspersed with tears, songs and praise.
   : 10. A Vision of Heaven -- By A Student - On Thursday evening after Mrs. Surbrook was laid to rest, I felt so lonely, and missed her very much. She had been such a blessing to me! When I was s
   : 11. Evangeline's Bible and Diary -- By Her Mother - After Evangeline had slipped away to Heaven, we picked up her beloved Bible and a pang of remorse seized us as we noticed its worn appearance. The cov
   : 12. Notes From Her Diary - In rummaging through a trunk yesterday I found a small diary which gives glimpses of Evangeline's heart life. In it she describes part of her itine
   : 13. Her Brother's Poem - To Evangeline In Heaven Everette S. Shelhamer And can it be, oh, can it be, My sister sweet, my own, That thou hast sailed across the sea F
   : 14. Tributes From Prominent People - That it may be clear that I am unbiased in my conception of her saintliness, permit me to quote from the pen of some who knew her well. * * *

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