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Stirring Experiences: 8. Obituary

      Evangeline, eldest child of Rev. and Mrs. E. F. Shelhamer, was born Nov. 5, 1904, at Cleveland, Ohio, and departed this life at the age of 25 years, 3 months and 26 days.

      She was specially anointed of the Spirit at the age of three years and at that time united with the church. Ever after that for a number of years when new members were received, she always wanted to unite with them, and often slipped away from her parents and placed herself with others before the chancel rail and was admitted again and again into church fellowship.

      She became established in grace at an early age, and after professing Holiness several times finally sought until she struck the rock. During this time of earnest seeking she received a revelation of her carnal heart and often fasted and prayed until it seemed she would go into despair. Altar workers and Holiness evangelists became discouraged with her and thought her too extreme, but she kept on, undaunted, until after five days of fasting she slipped out into the woods alone to pray. Presently she appeared over the brow of the hill, with a radiant smile, and called, "Papa, I've got the witness."

      From her babyhood she assisted her parents in evangelistic work, having sung solos ever since she was eighteen months of age.

      She graduated from the Junior Pacific College of Los Angeles, and received her A. B. degree at Kingswood.

      It was here she became intimately acquainted with Rev. W. L. Surbrook, President of Kingswood Holiness College. They were united in holy matrimony, August 29, 1928, and for eighteen months lived a most beautiful and harmonious life, traveling together in evangelistic and educational work.

      She looked forward with pleasure to motherhood, but it seemed God had something higher and better.

      She expected to travel in camp meeting work with her husband this summer, and her great ambition was to win souls but, instead, she is now traveling the Evergreen Mountains of Life.

      The last month she was with us, she seemed to be ripening in a peculiar sense for glory. The last week she lived, she and her mother spent the time together in prayer and drawing nearer to God. On Monday evening, March 3, at 9:50, she very unexpectedly slipped away from us into the arms of Jesus.

      Our hearts are torn and bleeding. It is hard to understand how one so gifted in soul-winning should be taken at such an early age, but He who is too good to be unkind, and too wise to err, must solve the mystery.

      Her funeral was held in the College Chapel where she had prayed, sung and talked many times to the edification of all who heard her.

      Interment was made in the Kingswood cemetery where she is waiting the resurrection of the just.

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