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Stirring Experiences: 7. Mysteries

      There are mysteries of various kinds. Some of these can be accounted for in time, and others will be sealed up until eternity. One such event was the departure of our lovely daughter, Evangeline. She was our first-born (Nov. 5, 1904), and in many respects was a remarkable child. I started to write a chapter about her, but the wound is too fresh and my grief too great, for it was but yesterday we laid that well-poised form away to await the resurrection morn. I think I shall ask to be relieved of this painful task and let her wonderful little mother finish the story of her brief, but beautiful life.

      "My ideal of a daughter has always been one who is a companion to her mother. I realized my fond ambition in Evangeline. She and I were chums. We were just like girls together. Her interests were mine, and mine were hers. We taught school together in the winter, and evangelized together in the summer.

      "Our lives went in parallels. We were married at the same age. Our husbands were somewhat our seniors in years. They were both evangelists. When they were gone we shared our loneliness together, and I felt for her keenly, for I knew she would likely have to spend many long weeks at home alone, and I determined I would help make them pleasant days.

      "She was no less a comfort to her father. Their love seemed to increase daily. It was her pleasure to slip away from home a few days and assist him in his revivals, or relieve me of extra work so I could help him.

      "She was greatly helped of the Lord in altar work. When the rest of us became discouraged with chronic seekers, her sympathetic heart and her simple faith caused her to hold right on until they came through shining.

      "As her husband is one of the choice men of the earth and perhaps one of the greatest of soul-winners, Mr. Shelhamer and I had planned a series of revival campaigns in the western states in the near future. Our party was to consist of Mr. and Mrs. Surbrook, Everette, Esther, Mr. Shelhamer, and the writer.

      "In her home life Evangeline had a veritable honeymoon. Her husband was the noblest type of manhood -- high ideals and a broad mind. Just why they should be thus separated is a mystery -God must explain.

      "Her favorite song was 'This world is not my home I'm just a-passing through.' A little while before she died she inspired all when, in a revival service at the College, she sang 'When I Put on the Wedding Robe.' This was her last song in public. That fatal disease, uremic poisoning, did its work, in spite of many prayers and considerable fasting, besides the best medical aid available.

      "Her Aunt Helen (Arnold), whom she used to assist in mission work, sends the following lines to her memory!

      Evangeline -- sweet angel -Thou
      art forever blest;
      Thy head is safely pillowed
      On thy Redeemer's breast.

      Thy name revealed thy nature,
      Evangel -- sent of God:
      To spread the Gospel message
      O'er all the earth abroad.

      Evangeline -- sweet singer
      Of thy Redeemer's praise --
      Hast joined the heavenly chorus
      And learned its hallowed lays.

      With holy angel voices
      Thy golden harp doth ring,
      And in their holy anthem
      I think I hear thee sing -

      "O Heaven, sweet Heaven,
      Home of the blest:
      How I long to be there
      And its glories to share
      And to lean on my Savior's breast."
       -- Helen Arnold

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